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Nature's Spell Box Kits

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

- Aristotle



Made in New Zealand, each handcrafted Nature's Spell Box Kit© contain special items and instructions for working powerfully and effectively with the magical forces of nature.

Inside the box you will also discover everything you need to perform a traditional magical ceremony and begin to weave magic into your own life and the lives of others.

Work with the Medicine Woman Nature's Spell Box Kits to transform spaces, access ancient wisdom and spiritual guidance and perform sacred blessing ceremonies in the ancient ways of the New Zealand tohunga (medicine man, woman or shaman).  


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  1. Blessing Kit

    Blessing Kit

    Keyword: Bless and Consecrate

    With the Medicine Woman Blessing Kit© you can conduct your own sacred blessing ceremony using the wisdom and timeless traditions of the ancient people.

    Use to bless a person, place, home, business or the birth of someone or something special and new with the magic of nature and the power and protection of the Mother energy.

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  2. Space Clearing Kit

    Space Clearing Kit

    Keyword: Cleanse and Restore

    The Medicine Woman Space Clearing Kit© is designed for general use to transform stale, disharmonious or unpleasant energies from home, work, office or other space or place. 

    Use it when moving into a new home to create a clear space for yourself and family, or when work, office or even outside spaces have been disrupted by negative energy.

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  3. Wish Box

    Wish Box

    Keyword: Make a Wish!

    A world of magic and mystery await the wish maker!

    Open the enchanted wish box, make your own special wish and work with the magical forces of nature to empower it and bring the enchantment and power of wish making into your life.

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  4. Fairy Oracle Divination Kit

    Fairy Oracle Maori Divination Kit

    Keyword: For Psychic Insight And Empowered Readings

    A complete divination kit that will give you access to ancient wisdom and spiritual guidance.  Contains The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe® card deck, easy to follow instructions and everything you need to dedicate your card deck and enhance psychic readings for yourself and others.

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  5. Aroha 'Love' Box

    Aroha 'Love' Box

    Keyword: To Invite Love Into Life

    Invite love into your life or into the lives of others with the Aroha 'Love' Box.  It contains a handpoured aromatherapy candle and a powerful selection of magical items from nature such as floral water and love oil.  When woven together they ignite the power of love wherever you are.  Easy to follow instructions included.

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