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Space Clearing Kit

Cleanse and Restore

Space Clearing Kit Cleanse and Restore

The Medicine Woman Space Clearing Kit© is designed for general use to transform stale, disharmonious or unpleasant energies from home, work, office or other space or place. 

Use it when moving into a new home to create a clear space for yourself and family, or when work, office or even outside spaces have been disrupted by negative energy.


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KIT CONTENTS: Genuine NZ Greenstone Pounamu Mauri Stone; Space Clearing Instruction Scroll; Traditional Kete; Candle; Magical Anointing Oil; Magic Forest Mix; Floral Water Magical Mister and more...


Use the Medicine Woman Space Clearing Kit© whenever you feel the need to make a space sacred or restore harmony where there is stale energy, negativity or bad memories.


The kit is appropriate to be used in any environment where people congregate, such as home, office or work. The Space Clearing Kit© is also useful when moving into new home or work premises to facilitate a fresh beginning, devoid of the energies of the previous occupants.


Full instructions are included. We recommend you work with lunar phases to enhance the power of your spell.



I just wanted to thank your for the Spell Box i received last week to say what a delight. So well designed, so much detail has gone into all the elements i just wanted to acknowledge that i appreciate this 'creation'. Really wonderful.

Also the Potions book and the music...magical and transporting. Such wonderful detail and beauty in your work. I admire and value your dedication. With gratitude and appreciation.

— Wendy Joy