Moon Calendar

Check the circled new moon date each month to find out when the next intake is for any of the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® training programs.

The Moon with its powerful gravitational pull has a strong connection to earth. With its changing phases and tides of power, the Moon has a mysterious and powerful influence on our daily lives. As the planetary triangle of power, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth align into different configurations, the quality of the light the Moon reflects on us and the type of power available to access constantly changes.

Learn more about the best course of action to take as the Moon Phases change. Discover the changing qualities that correspond with the Moon in the Zodiacal Signs.

Work with the Moon Calendar to align yourself with these planetary tides of power and ride them by working our corresponding Magical Plant Spells to get the most benefit to achieve your personal goals and to maximize your potential.

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