Magical Practice and the Aquarian Age – Stepping into Our Own Magical Power to Co-Create a New World

Magical Practice and the Aquarian Age – Stepping into Our Own Magical Power to Co-Create a New World

Magical practice is the art of working with the invisible forces of nature and the cosmos to achieve a desired magical objective. The goal of a true magician is to become receptive to the divine patterns and to be able to alter their own consciousness and organism to reflect this divine pattern out into their life and into the greater world. As a result of this magical work, the magician is able to act as a facilitator of the ‘will of the gods’ while also making spiritual progress.

Each world age holds specific magical keys that when understood and applied can enable humanity to make spiritual progress and move upward on the evolutionary spiral. In order for this to be enabled to occur the spiritual and magical practices have to be effective and relevant to the conditions and requirements of the current world age, this requires that the methods of a previous age have to be replaced by giving way to the new.

Piscean Age Magical Practice

In the Piscean Age esoterically referred to as ‘the age of the recluse’, development of magical skills was a protracted, arcane and laborious process. Magicians imposed very stringent and often draconian regimens upon themselves as they withdrew from daily life to develop their magical skills and undertake their magical and ritual work. These limitations included among other things chastity, fasting, isolation and strict forms of meditation.

Most spiritual or magical practices involved an intermediary in the Piscean Age. In magical circles, covens and ritual groups, there was generally a hierarchical structure of leaders and followers. Initiations took place through the authority and discernment of the leaders and all subsequent engagement with the magical order was undertaken through their authority.

Many people who have past the experience or are followers of these practices may well be experiencing internal conflict as the energies that powered Piscean Age magical practices begin to wane and make way for the new Aquarian Age magical matrix. This is an entirely natural process, but not one that is without its own challenges. The presence of the new magical matrix sends out a call that is an invitation to create a new and better world. Some will hear this call, and act on it, others will not.

Aquarian Age Magical Practice

In the Aquarian Age, which we now live in, a new matrix for magical work has been created and a pathway for magical practice has been laid for those who are ready to work directly with the power of their own magical self.

The Aquarian Age is esoterically known as ‘the age of the householder’, a stark contrast to the Piscean Age which was the ‘age of the recluse’. What this means is that each one of us can now create a direct link with powerful spiritual forces. We can choose to directly ally with these spiritual forces to bring about our own self-transformation and work to help bring about transformation in the world. In the spirit of the Aquarian Age, we are invited to participate in these transformative magical practices as a part of our daily lives.

The Aquarian Age is also an information age and, as such, many of the ‘mysteries’ of the past are now being revealed to those who are seeking gnosis of them. As the magical practices of the Piscean Age lose their relevance and consequently their energetic grip on humankind, those who are seeking to experience the transformative powers of magical practice without limitations, distortions and intermediaries now have the unprecedented opportunity to consciously work with the magical practices of the Aquarian Age.

The Aquarian Age magical practice comes to us through the eighth ray, the ray of the Goddess, the ray of co-creation, inclusivity and universality. This is the ray of the Goddess as the ultimate creatrix, the source of all creation. Eighth Ray magic is the magical practice of the Aquarian Age, the intelligent co-creation and the magic of light and of selfless service. It is magical practice that is self-initiatory, requires self-responsibility and a willingness to work directly with the powers of the cosmos and Nature to ‘purpose good’ in one’s own world, the world and the greater universe.

Becoming the magician of our own life

The Aquarian Age magical practice provides each one of us with an equal opportunity to become the master of our own destiny and the magician of our own life. We can do this by working with Eighth Ray Magic in our daily life. Eighth Ray magic training with 12 magical rites of passage and self-initiations is available in the Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© online program. A large selection of Eighth Ray Magic rituals can be found in the book Eighth Ray Magic – the Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation, which is the definitive and seminal work on the eighth ray, and also on the Eighth Ray Magic website.

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®