Are Healers Born With the Gift or Trained?

Are Healers Born With the Gift or Trained?

I have received so many interesting questions from across our community since my recent successful webinar: The Healer’s Path: How to Help More People as a Highly Skilled Healer Without Taking on Their Energy or Getting Burned Out. 

A student recently asked me, ‘Are healers born with the gift or trained? 

It is my experience that when somebody asks a question of this nature, there are often others who have the same question in mind or who would be interested to know the answer.

In this message I thought I would share that answer with you. 

I hope you enjoy reading it!


Are healers born with the gift or trained?

The short answer is Yes and No!

In a nutshell, the term ‘gift of healing’ has many levels of meaning. In a very general sense, those born with the gift of healing are those who have worked as healers in some form in past lives. However at sometime on their journey as healers they learned how to heal which ultimately enabled them to acquire the ‘gift’, so called. 

The long answer is a little more complex. The natural default setting of the human is that of the healer. This means that all people are innately potential healers. 


For that innate potential to be realised two things have to occur 

A person has to learn the ‘art’ of healing. By this it is meant that there is a body of knowledge and technical skills that pertain to healing. 

We can use the analogy of an artist to illustrate more clearly what is being said. A person may be a gifted artist but their art will only be as good as their technical skills and knowledge of the medium they use to create their art. This could be paint, dance, theatre, clay or marble, etc. 

The ‘art’ of healing does not spontaneously occur, it has to be learned, practiced and developed. This often occurs over a number of lifetimes. That however is only half of the story. It is the Yes part of the Yes-No answer. 


The ‘gift’ of healing is based on being soul aware, soul connected and soul infused

The second half of the story revolves around the ‘gift’ of healing. This ‘gift’ of healing is really based on being soul aware, soul connected and soul infused. 

As a person becomes more aware of their own soul self and becomes more soul ‘identified’ they naturally awaken, or switch on their innate default setting of the healer. 

To be a ‘gifted’ healer a person has to be soul identified and to the extent they are so identified then to that extent will they be ‘gifted’. 

The degree of soul identification totally defines the extent of their giftedness. 


A true healing gift and divine powers

From a human perspective, true healing is soul based and soul focused and the healer has to be able to link in with and connect to the soul of another. 

Healing occurs when the gift of healing is transferred or focused upon the soul of the person who is seeking healing. 

The transference of that gift is a supremely sacred process as it is inseparably connected to divine powers.

Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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