Energetic Protection and the Art of Being Invisible

Energetic Protection and the Art of Being Invisible


Traditionally, a very important aspect of the apprentice healer’s training was learning how to develop the soul quality, discipline and art of creating powerful energetic protection for themselves at will.


Becoming Energetically Invisible

In ancient traditions of the healer-shaman, the skill of energetic self-protection was also seen to be as the art of becoming energetically invisible.

The ability to create energetic protection, or put up an energetic shield, instantaneously anywhere, anytime, was an essential skill for the healer for many reasons. Not the least of which was being able to maintain their own physical and metaphysical wellbeing. 

The healer learned that there were times when they would need an extra level of protection in order not to lose, or compromise their own vital energic integrity, and as a result, negatively affect their health and wellbeing.

They also knew that they had to protect their own energetic integrity because it was needed to continue their own healing journey and enable them to be of ongoing service to the people in their community.

In that sense, the healer could ill afford to lose energy, get sick, become ineffective or unavailable. In many cases, the wellbeing of the tribe or community depended on the healer ‘being there’ for others and facilitating healing when it was needed. 


When Does the Healer Need Extra Protection?

Some common situations when you as a healer may need to create an extra layer of energetic protection: 

  • You have had ongoing exposure to challenging situations 
  • An increase in  your psychic sensitivity
  • Your natural inner resources have, or are, dropping to a lower ebb than normal
  • You are working in a particularly energetically dangerous or problematic environment, such as where other people may be in pain or suffering 
  • You are going through a time of spiritual crisis or initiation
  • To prevent your energy field from being read by another person
  • To prevent others tapping into your energy
  • To close off energetically 
  • To recharge your own batteries, without having to take time off and stop seeing clients
  • To stop leaking or giving away your own energy or life force to others 


Learning to Connect with the Healthy 'Wild Self'

The skill of energetic protection always requires the healer to be able to have a dynamic and powerful relationship with the deepest aspect of the soul self - the healthy ‘wild self’, which is the non-compromised expression of self.

By having a relationship with the healthy 'wild self', the healer can recognise when an extra layer of energetic protection or insulation is needed, and can instantly put up an energetic shield for themselves at will.

Learning to connect and strengthen the relationship with the healthy 'wild self' is the fifth step along the sacred path of the healer in the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program

This is the step where the apprentice healer is working with the healer’s teacher plant essence, First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® No 89 Black Shield Fern. 

They are learning how to move into a deeper relationship with their soul and are learning to understand messages from their soul or deep self, as they pertain to their own psychic or metaphysical wellbeing.

This includes the ability to identify when an added layer of energetic self-protection is needed and how to effectively facilitate it for themselves.

This is an essential foundation for learning to shape-shift, which is a skill that can be learned and mastered much further along on the healer-shamans path.

I look forward to seeing you in the healers classroom. 


Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®



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