Have You Heard the Call?

Have You Heard the Call?

As someone called to heal or help others, you likely feel it’s a call from the deepest part of your soul and as such the call is hard to ignore.

It doesn’t matter what environment you find yourself in – a healer in practice, a mum taking care of children, a coach or corporate leader who others look to for guidance and support…

The energetic influence you have on others is important, and can make a critical difference right now.

When we walk this healing and helping path, a resistant energy often pops up… the world seeks to distract us with anything it can. It’s not unusual for intensity and chaos of many types telling us to pay attention “over there.”

You may have to dig deep into your innermost resources to stand firm, strong and empowered to avoid overwhelm or burnout.

For thousands of years, ancient healers, people like you, who have heard and followed the call of their soul, have triumphed in challenging circumstances because they knew the powerful secrets to learning and acquiring specialised ‘soul skills’.

Soul skills are a key foundational component of the healer’s abilities and as such were secret vital skills that enabled them to adapt and be resilient. Possessing genuine soul skills supports the healer to experience and maintain a sense of wellbeing and remain healthy and vital in any situation.

And, most importantly these are the soul skills that enable them to fulfil their healing destiny no matter what.

These special soul skills have always accorded powerful advantages and capacities to those who learned them and once acquired they last for lifetimes.

The secrets to acquiring these soul skills were handed down through the ages, taught by elders and wise ones, and were acquired by undergoing the sacred, timeless and proven rites of passage of the healer undertaken in co-operation with the support of nature.

The world has changed immeasurably and yet soul skills themselves are timeless and archetypal.

To acquire and develop your own soul skills, and undertake the journey of the twelve original and ancient rites of passage of the healer, is to unlock and restore your own powerful healing potential. Doing so enables you to protect your vitality and life force, maintain your energetic integrity and ultimately help more people, while at the same time fulfilling your unique destiny.

On your journey to acquire powerful ‘soul skills’ you can:

  1. Connect more deeply with your soul, your inner healer
  2. Walk the path of heart; the all seeing eye of the heart
  3. Develop the skills of empathy and autonomy
  4. Experience self-care and self-expansion
  5. Have ‘double protection’ and honour your wild self
  6. Be alert, watchful and vigilant
  7. Experience dynamic cooperation with the trinity of light
  8. Ensure your energetic integrity and recalibration
  9. Powerfully increase your metaphysical sensitivity
  10. Increase your supersensory perception and learn the languages of spirit
  11. Understand the true meaning of responsible creation and karma
  12. Experience a sense of neutrality, spiritual objectivity and alignment


These original, archetypal and ancient rites of passage are as relevant today as they ever were – and these sacred and ancient initiations are what are available to you with in our Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® Certificate in Healers Studies.

My team and I are working on a special opportunity for you to participate in these age old vital initiatory experiences, and we’ll be releasing the details about that soon.

If you have a instinctual knowing it’s your time to walk this path with us, and would like to know more about the opportunity coming up – feel free to email us and we’ll make sure you receive the information personally. Otherwise stay tuned and we’ll be in touch with an email soon!

With much love as you navigate these challenging but interesting times, doing what you’ve come here to do.


Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®