Tap into the Magic of the Moon

Tap into the Magic of the Moon


Moon Phases and Inner Transformation, Transmutation and Transcendence

Moon phases and their associated powers have been used in mystery school teachings for centuries and when worked with skilfully and intelligently, they can help us to access deeper levels of spiritual power. 

Moon phases act as our guides for inner transformation and personal growth, and they are vital in supporting us to assimilate information and sacred teachings. They support us to manifest our soul’s true desires and to create a life that we truly desire and which is in alignment with our destiny.

By aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature and tapping into the energy of each phase, we can access our own transformative power and create the life we truly desire.

The formal, mystery school comprehensive and advanced teachings and protocols for working with the magical power of the Moon are made accessible to you in the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs

This deeper way of working with the Moon enables Medicine Woman students to experience enhanced personal healing, access much deeper levels of spiritual power and facilitate more rapid and profound spiritual transformation and spiritual awakening during the course of their studies.


How to Start to Access the Power of the Moon in your Everyday Life


At a basic level, a good place to begin learning how to access the power of the moon is by working with its phases in your everyday life every life and activities.

Here are some tips to get you started:


New Moon

This phase is associated with new opportunities and the start of new projects.

The New Moon brings the beginning of a new cycle. It is a time when power is being concentrated. This makes it an optimum time for conception at all levels and for initiating a new cycle of experience.

Use the energy of the new moon to set intentions and plant seeds for the future. Take some time to reflect on what you want to manifest in your life and write it down.

This can be anything from career goals to personal growth and relationships. Use the energy of the new moon to visualise your intentions coming to fruition.


Waxing Crescent

This is a time of rising energies, of objectivity, purpose, outward action and innovation. As the moon begins to grow, so does our enthusiasm and motivation. This phase is associated with growth and expansion. It is a time to take action towards your goals and dreams.
Use the energy of the Waxing Crescent to set things in motion. This can be anything from taking a course to learning a new skill or networking with like-minded individuals. 


The First Quarter

The First Quarter is when the light and dark are in balance and it is time to ‘walk your talk’, to take action and to make decisions. This is a time of increased growth and dynamic tension. Intentions and goals can take hold. 
Use the energy of the waxing crescent to make progress towards your intentions. Rise to the challenge, be creative and determined.  Set your mind firmly to the task at hand.


Waxing Gibbous

The Waxing Gibbous is when the light becomes more dominant. It can be a time of truth and the ideal time to analyse and evaluate your progress.
During this phase, refine and fine-tune your plans. Use this time to make sure everything is in order before moving forward. This is a great time to seek professional feedback or objective, constructive advice from others.


Full Moon

This phase is associated with manifestation and abundance. The Full Moon is when the light reaches its peak.

It is a time to celebrate what you have achieved. It is the time of flowering and coming into bloom of your vision. This is high energy and stimulating time that brings achievement, manifestation and the promise of greater success and illumination.

Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished, give thanks for your blessings and take stock of your progress.


Waning Gibbous

As the moon begins to wane, so does our energy. This phase is associated with gratitude and reflection. With the first stirrings of dark, it is time to harvest the results of your efforts and to share what you have learned. 
Use the energy of this phase to consider what you have achieved. Appreciate your accomplishments and prepare for the next phase.


Last Quarter

The last quarter is a time of release and letting go. Eliminate what no longer serves you and shed what is no longer needed. With the dark now gaining this a time of reflection, a time of readjustment or finding a new rhythm. 
Use this energy to release and let go, clear out any old patterns or limiting beliefs. 


Waning Crescent

This phase is associated with spiritual growth and inner transformation. Being in the depth of the dark, it is time to rest and regenerate. A cycle is drawing to a close. 
This is a time to recharge your batteries and prepare for the next cycle. Use this energy to connect with your inner wisdom and engage in spiritual practices like meditation and journaling.
Remember that each phase has its own energy and significance, and it is important to work with each phase in a way that resonates with you. 


Go Deeper with True Mystery School Teachings and the Moon as your Guide

If you would like to learn how to work more powerfully with the phases of the moon for inner transformation, transmutation and transcendence and to access deeper levels of spiritual power, I encourage you to begin a new adventure and enrol into one of my Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® programs
The next programs begin on the New Moon in Aries, tomorrow 22nd March 2023.
If you’d love to get started and need some help deciding which program to enrol into, please send an email to info@medicinewoman.com and one of my team will be in touch to help.

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®



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