Why Am I Here on This Planet at This Time?

Why Am I Here on This Planet at This Time?

If you have ever asked yourself Why am I here at this time?, you are probably someone who feels sensitive to the world’s suffering and feels an urge to do something to help uplift humanity.

Today I would like to share with you some insights into the path of awakening and the role you can play in the bigger picture at this very important time.

As we progress on our spiritual journey we are able to see the world clearly as it truly is. This can be very revealing and challenging to face because we are not who we thought we were and the world is not what we thought it was. We find that we can no longer relate to people around us or our work feels empty and meaningless.

Once we have begun to see the world more objectively, it becomes easier to understand why mass humanity have been referred to by the wise as the ‘walking dead’. And it urges us to work harder to improve and expand our own consciousness and to assist others.

We can work with the master teacher plant essences to accelerate the process of awakening so that we can see things as they truly are.

We can do this by following a three-step energetic upgrade process.

Removing Any Remaining Veils From Your Chakras

On the first stage, we can work with the orchid master teacher plant essences. On this stage the veils lift from our upgraded and attuned chakras so that ‘the scales’ fall from our physical eyes and the chakras become our metaphysical eyes.

We begin to ‘see’ the world beyond the three-dimensional reality and realise that there is more to life than ‘meets the eye’. We become more receptive to the spiritual energies and able to follow our intuition and more easily express our uniqueness in our relationships, work and daily life.

Becoming More Light Filled and Energetically Pristine

On the second stage, we can work with the fern ally master teacher plant essences so that the individual layers of the aura are energetically upgraded and we go through a process of transmutation. This enables the aura to become more light filled and energetically pristine.

As a result our primary window to the world – our aura is clearer enabling us to perceive the world in a brighter, or clearer, light. We are able to more easily hear and correctly interpret divine guidance so we can confidently navigate the challenges of life and follow our destiny.

Remembering Our Stellar Divine Origin

On the third stage, when we work with the sacred mountain grass master teacher plant essences, the energetic integrity of our DNA changes and we remember our stellar divine origin. We remember that we are star children and we begin to see things as they really are before we forgot who we were.

We can then also more easily see the divine in everything while at the same time not flinching from what may often be a very wide gap between the human expression and the divine potential.

Waking Up From a Sleep

As we move through the three stages with the three families of master teacher plant essences – the orchids, the fern allies and the sacred mountain grasses, we quite literally wake up from a sleep that is the basis of the collective or mass consciousness.

As we begin to awaken from the ‘sleep of ages’ we begin to individuate and move further along the path towards enlightenment.

In so doing we become increasingly more objective about what mass humanity actually is, how it functions, and what it is capable of doing at both ends of the spectrum – constructively and destructively.

This awakening or realisation can be quite shocking at times. There is no way of avoiding it. It is a legitimate rite of passage in its own right. As we progress on the journey we become more and more objective and there is the potential to experience more and more realisations. Often these realisations about oneself, others, situations or the world can feel shocking.

Liberation and Desire to Help Others

The wonderful thing is that this shock sparks liberation. We have died a metaphysical death, we have had an old reality shattered, we are free of an illusion we may have laboured under for years or even lifetimes.

As you become even more objective about the true state of consciousness of mass humanity the shocks that often accompany this awakening act as a propelling force. It urges you to work harder to improve and expand your own consciousness and to assist others.

Following Your Destiny

In this regard the question Why am I here on this planet at this time? is a powerfully positive and constructive impetus and vitally necessary to ensure that you keep pressing forward towards full individuation and enlightenment.

Once you begin to see mass humanity with any degree of objectivity it is plain to see that it is suffering greatly. It is quite natural and desirable that you find yourself having empathy and compassion for humanity.

This does not mean you have to get drawn into the karma dramas generally associated with mass consciousness. You are only required to do what you are able to according to your destiny and capacity, to help bring relief to the suffering of mass humanity and help humanity remember its own power and wisdom.

You can start that process by upgrading your own consciousness and by so doing gradually liberate yourself from the shackles of suffering so you can become more light-filled and more able to embody divine wisdom and power.

Thousands of people from around the world have heard the call and have stepped onto the path of awakening with us by undertaking the ancient rites of passage and undergoing quantum shifts in consciousness in our Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© program.

This 28-week energetic upgrade program starts on New Moon 13th January 2021. You can find out more and enrol here.

With much love as you navigate these challenging but interesting times, doing what you’ve come here to do.

Light in Extension
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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