Be Dynamically Receptive to Divine Will

Be Dynamically Receptive to Divine Will


On both physical and metaphysical levels, the Medicine Woman Online School is so much more than a digital platform for students to access their study materials. 

The Medicine Woman Online School has many ‘rooms’, one of these ‘rooms’ is where students can submit their questions directly to me, and once a month, I answer these questions. 

Spiritual impassivity – a highly desirable state

In my previous email I talked about the highly undesirable state (from spiritual perspective) of being lukewarm or being not fully present or not fully engaged with life. 

Today I want to share the answer to one of the questions I received in the Medicine Woman Online School about spiritual impassivity, which is a completely different and a highly desirable state. I think you will find this answer very insightful and interesting… 

Spiritual impassivity is a state of spiritual neutrality characterised by a non-emotive state that is non-excitable in nature

This indicates a person has mastered their emotional body and means the individual is not at the mercy of the volatile, ever-changing and fickle emotions or emotional body. 

It is a type of spiritual neutrality that is also expressed from quiescence and stillness of mind. 

The objective is to be so stabilised in consciousness that no event, stimulus or experience can make the person react with fervour or fanaticism against anything or anybody.

Be dynamically receptive to divine will

In this state of spiritual impassivity the shaman is able to be dynamically receptive to divine will. 

Spiritual impassivity is a highly desirable state of consciousness for the shaman as the spiritual warrior. 

The shaman can learn to achieve this state by undertaking the 24 rites of passage of the shaman. 

Successfully passing through these rites of passage enables the shaman to eliminate or destroy the false ego which enables them to truly hold sacred space so that the one will, which is divine will, can enter this space and direct the life.

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Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®