How to Develop Your Diamond Will

How to Develop Your Diamond Will


Have you ever heard someone say “I feel I have lost my power”, or “I have lost my will”? 
Loss of one’s power or will are very real things. It can happen in any number of ways:


We can give our power or our will away to someone, consciously or unconsciously

Giving our power or will away can occur for a number of reasons including fear, ignorance, laziness, conditioning and inexperience to name a few. 


We can lose our power and will in a devastating or challenging situation

Losing our power or will in situations can occur when we become too emotionally or mentally attached to that situation and unable to accept or move with the change. 

The failure to use righteous indignation as a power for good when necessary can also cause a person to lose or give away an aspect of their will or power.


Our power and will can be stolen from us

Giving in to another person’s imposed or overbearing strong will potentially causes a loss of will as well as power. Being on the receiving end of bullying, domination, cruelty and revenge will potentially cause a loss of power and will, as will trauma, humiliation, ridicule and persecution. 


Develop the diamond will of the shaman

Ironically, for the shaman, these experiences are all necessary to some degree or other for them to test their mettle against.

In the shamanic tradition the shaman would undergo the experience of loss or theft of their will or power by potently opposing physical or metaphysical forces. These forces could range from a physical, or metaphysical challenge to a person or situation appearing in the shaman’s life whose influence or presence had a disempowering effect.

As a consequence of the loss of power or will the shaman would have to learn to retrieve their power and reconnect with their will. The process of retrieving their own power enabled the shaman to ultimately fashion or create for themselves a will that was indestructible and implacable. When formed, it was a diamond will – unbreakable, unconquerable and invincible.

As a result, the shaman triumphed over the disempowering situations and possessed the will of a warrior of peace.
The skill and the means for undertaking the shamanic journey to retrieve one’s own power and will is one of the rites of passage that students undertake in the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies® program

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Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®