What If You Were Born To Be A Shaman?

What If You Were Born To Be A Shaman?

Have you always ‘known’ that you are different? Had a sense that you were meant for more than what is on offer in conventional society?
Perhaps you were born to help others, to stand for a better world, to make a difference...
A true shaman often senses a discontent and yearning within their very soul that is profoundly important but very difficult to define. Their presence is often powerful and polarising. They are often misunderstood, feel restless; like they don’t belong. 

They feel the pain of others and register the suffering in the world. 

They ache to do something that matters and will try many different modalities or travel the world looking for ‘home’.


In today’s world, a child or young person’s latent inherent shamanic potential is very rarely recognised as a gift or a blessing. It is very often misunderstood and seen to be a problem to be treated in some way.

The conditions for those who have incarnated to walk the shamanic path in this lifetime are very different from those of previous lives and they are also very challenging.

This has come about as a result of materialism and its associated industrialisation, technology, the breakdown of lineages and community and the loss of traditional collective folk memory and wisdom.


In ancient traditions, shamans, medicine women and medicine men were often recognised at birth or at a very young age and were raised accordingly.

The shamans within the tribe would see the signs in a young person that indicated their abilities and these natural abilities were honed and developed so that they would become a properly trained shaman and take their rightful place within the community or tribe.

Modern-day shamans have to find their own way ‘home’. They have to overcome obstacles that prevent them from uniting and reuniting with their lineage, their inner shaman and their teachers, mentors, tribe and community. Overcoming these obstacles is in itself a major rite of passage.


Planet Earth and all her inhabitants cannot survive and thrive without the active presence and healing and ordering work of shamans.

A shaman is a spirit walker, walking between the worlds ready to play an active and dynamic role in the restoration of harmony and peace for all people, places and things. The shaman’s ability to communicate with the spirit realm and ascertain causes and sources of disharmony or dis-ease enables them to fearlessly and effectively restore order, balance and harmony where and when it is needed.


In the past, traditional shamans underwent gruelling rites of passage and initiations to ensure that they developed the capacities necessary to undertake their essential, highly demanding roles. By passing through the various rites of passage they were able to withstand the influx of high tension psychic energies necessary to do their work. They were also able to maintain a state of consciousness that allowed them to access information and instruction from the worlds that remained unseen by others. 

These rites of passage were wide ranging and included:

  • Walking as a spirit among other spirits
  • Reading the signs in nature and receiving guidance from nature
  • Entering an altered state to raise the energy and travel to other dimensions
  • Gaining access to the past, present and future
  • Developing the capacity to undergo the ‘shaman’s death and rebirth’
  • Development of indestructible heart, will and mind
  • Going on the vision quest for self or others
  • Standing for the sacred against all odds

These rites of passage and initiations are still the necessary requirements for the modern-day shaman to become a fully empowered shaman and to stand in their rightful place in society.


In the Aquarian Age, the ancient sacred pathway of the shaman has been fully restored and made available to all those who seek to re-connect with their inner shaman and walk the sacred path of the shaman.

The Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© online program with its 24 ancient sacred rites of passage and initiations of the shaman are a proven pathway ‘home’. 

As an apprentice shaman who sequentially undertakes and passes through each of the rites of passage and initiations, you can rediscover your shaman’s power place, reunite with your power animals and spirit guides and triumph over challenges so you can stand for a better world.


Since its inception we have supported hundreds of shamans through the 2-year comprehensive formal shamanic apprenticeship program that honours both the old ways and meets the modern requirements necessary for developing genuine shamanic capabilities. 

While this training has been developed to meet 21st century needs, the structure of the teachings is age-old and fully embodies all of the necessary traditional elements ensuring the teachings are a perfect expression of the ancient earth wisdom tradition.

Medicine Woman shamanic students go on to do great things. Undertaking the 2-year formal Medicine Woman shamanic apprenticeship enables them to actively work as part of a community that works for personal and planetary transformation. 

This process begins within the program and continues after graduation, where the shaman functions as an inseparable and instrumental part of the larger whole.

Many Medicine Woman students say that joining Medicine Woman community is like ‘coming home’.

I look forward to seeing you there!

With much love,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®


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