What Is a True Soul Mate Connection? How to Find Your Twin Flame Instead

What Is a True Soul Mate Connection? How to Find Your Twin Flame Instead

The term ‘soul mate’ has been romanticised and well used in modern media and social networks. So much so that its true meaning has been diluted and ‘washed out’ to become virtually meaningless. It is now widely believed that the search for and bonding with a soul mate is desirable and in many cases aspirational. This is far from the truth.

Many people find that the yearning for a soul mate connection leads to many dead ends and disappointments. Before you embark upon a journey that you think will lead you to your soul mate and lifelong happiness, please read on.

Who are soul mates?

Soul mates are souls that have a lot of history together. This history has been created from physical plane experience over many lifetimes. As a consequence soul mate relationships have a lot of karma, are often full of ‘karma dramas’ and can be very fraught. Soul mates mirror each other’s soul urges and states, either positive or negative, and consequently have a potent magnetic influence on each other.

It is common for souls to seek shelter from the winds of evolution and to avoid the storms of soul maturation. Such souls can be magnetically attracted to each other and come together in life to create a soul ‘comfort zone’ which is actually a zone of avoidance. As a general rule, soul mates have soul attachments to each other and, from a higher spiritual perspective, attachments of any kind, and in particular this kind, are very undesirable.

Many people will have spent years in ‘soul mate’ relationships only to discover that they cannot achieve personal growth or spiritual progress in these relationships. They are simply repeating patterns with a person that they have undertaken many times in previous lifetimes.

If the urge to make spiritual progress is strong, the relationship with the soul mate is likely to come to an end. This need not be seen as a failure or a disaster but as an act of liberation and of setting two souls free to further their spiritual growth elsewhere.

New perfected relationship archetype

The key to success on all levels, personal and transpersonal, is the understanding of the significance, power and purpose of relationship. The Age of Aquarius is the age of the householder. This means the Aquarian Age is one where there will be great emphasis on relationship, particularly on relationship with the significant other. The two wavy lines that make up the symbol for Aquarius portray this relationship.

This new age requires that new archetypes for the masculine and feminine as empowered individuals and in a relationship be created. These new archetypes now exist. This means that the old ways of relating and relationship will lose their power and that the realm of relationship will continue to evolve into its new perfected form.

Because the new archetypes of the perfected relationship are not yet fully embodied or fully established culturally and socially, this has led to a great deal of upheaval in the relationship field. The rise of online dating, dating apps, increasing levels of divorce and people remaining unmarried are examples of this change in action. There is an increasing number of people who are choosing not to stay in or enter into a relationship where there is a lack of or a diminished potential for their spirit self to shine.

In relationships where balance and more equality between the masculine and feminine energies is being sought, the signs of a new perfect relationship archetype are gradually becoming visible.

What is a twin flame?

Twin flame relationships are spiritual in nature as opposed to soul mate relationships which are karmic in nature and emerge from familiar and repetitive soul attachments.

Twin flames are two individuals who are both ‘whole unto themselves’ and who are ready to enter into a relationship that has at its core and its foundation the service to humanity. This relationship has very little to do with personal compatibility or soul magnetism.  Twin flames are brought together due to spiritual compatibility and their willingness and ability to embark upon a relationship that has a very different ‘profile’ than what one might ‘expect’ from a relationship.

Twin flames come together to work for the greater good. Twin flames come together in spiritual marriage and such a relationship can be of significant service to the powers of light. To be able to be in such a relationship each person must first be totally complete within themselves. They must be both male and female in consciousness. To be a twin flame means the person draws nothing away from their partner, and their existence and presence only ever contributes to uplifting and supporting their partner. Such relationships are rare but achievable.

When twin flames come together in a relationship there are generally speaking not the same issues as there are in other types of relationships. It is usually not anywhere near so challenging to maintain energetic integrity and retain power as there is a deep understanding of the other person and an awareness of their needs and requirements.

How do I find my twin flame?

The new masculine and feminine archetypes that have now been seeded into the Aquarian Age can be linked into by anyone who chooses to do so. A key to doing this is to consciously undertake the necessary spiritual work to develop the capacity to bring your own feminine and masculine energies into alignment and to ‘become whole unto yourself’.

In the ancient mystery school traditions, a person who wished to embark on this evolutionary journey would undergo a series of specific rites of passage that when successfully passed would enable them to develop the inner alchemical marriage and to send out a ‘call’ from their highest essence for a spiritual partner. When this takes place, it is very much like a radio that sends out a signal. The signal will be broadcast and someone in the highest essence of who they are will be able to make a connection.

The soul skill and capacity for inner alchemical marriage can be acquired and developed by undertaking the original ancient rites of passage of the shaman. These rites of passage are available exclusively through the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program. They are available to those who are ready to step onto the life-transforming ancient high road of the shaman, which is a road that leads to the stars and ultimately to true wholeness, self mastery and enlightenment.

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®