Changed my life in so many ways

“The Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program changed my life in so many ways – in every way possible actually and continues to benefit me in daily life. I loved the way it empowered me and gave me confidence to step more fully into the truth of who I am and who I have always been. In the past, my untamed nature caused me a lot of trouble and misery because there was no outlet for this wild power that I was born with.

I have always been rebellious and stood up for others in need and always raised my voice against injustice. After doing the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program, I have become much more focused, effective and energy efficient with my activism. I brought the pieces of myself into a more cohesive and cooperative unit. My wildness became a beautiful thing, not a troublesome burden. I am much more refined and effective at helping people now.

I am fearless when confronted with the inevitable problems that arise in life. I guide others toward their own power and I stand as an example of what having a free spirit can look like in the world. Each of these teacher plants stood by my side and guided me to a new place within that is valuable and golden. I can’t recommend this program highly enough and I would encourage anybody who feels restricted by the confines of the modern way of life to embark upon this program and discover the freedom that exists in your soul that is yours to claim and to enjoy to the full!”

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