Do you know what a Tree Telegraph is?

Do you know what a Tree Telegraph is?

You may be familiar with the term Bush Telegraph.

The term ‘bush telegraph’ is said to originate in the Australian outback. It symbolises the way information is rapidly and efficiently disseminated among the inhabitants of these regions, often surpassing conventional communication methods in speed and effectiveness.

But I am referring to ‘Tree Telegraph’ where messages are delivered instantly to people via trees!

Did you know trees talk to each other? 🌳🌳

And they talk to people? 🌳📞

When you know how to receive these messages you can receive instant information about anything that is relevant for you from anywhere in the world.

It works like magick! It is the real life magick of knowing the secrets of the ‘green language’ that I talk about in my shamanic training and apprenticeship.

Receiving Wisdom from the ‘Tree Telegraph’

Can you see the spirit’s ‘eye’ in the trunk of this tree?

I was passing this tree and the spirit of the tree looked right at me. The tree spirit communicated that it needed to convey some important information to me that had been relayed from another tree in the area.

The information was right on point, and something that I really needed to know.

This experience reminded me of the time when one of my daughters was going overseas, when she was in her teenage years, and as a mother I wanted to know if she was going to be okay there.

Well, the tree over there in America in the area where my daughter was going to be staying passed on the message to me via the tree in my backyard in New Zealand that it would keep an eye out and my daughter was going to be well looked after.

What many people do not know is that there exists a mystical network of communication, a sacred conduit, known as the ‘Tree Telegraph’.

It is a testament to the profound shamanic wisdom that perceives the language of trees as a universal dialogue, connecting not just the forest giants but every tree that graces our planet, from the solitary urban park dweller to the suburban backyard sentinel.

Shamanic Perspectives on Tree Communication

Shamans, the intermediaries between the human and the spiritual realms, have long understood and revered the deep connections within the natural world.

To a shaman, there exists a mystical network of communication that transcends the boundaries of the natural wilderness. Through attuning to the frequency of this sacred conduit, known as the ‘Tree Telegraph, the shaman receives guidance, healing energies, and prophetic messages from the spirits of the trees.

The ‘Wood Wide Web’

Trees, often perceived as solitary beings, are in fact part of a vast, interconnected system that allows them to communicate, share resources, and even protect each other from harm.

Through a complex network often referred to as the ‘Wood Wide Web’, trees send chemical, hormonal, and electrical signals to each other, facilitated by a symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal fungi.

These fungal networks between the roots of trees carry the same chemicals as neurotransmitters in our brain.

This underground network, akin to the neural networks in the human brain, enables trees to send distress signals about drought, disease, and insect attacks, and to distribute nutrients to needy neighbors, thereby sustaining the forest community.

The Shaman and the ‘Green Language’

Shamans, who have gone through the rigorous rites of passage and initiations that enable them to develop heightened sensitivity and spiritual acuity, can understand the ‘green language’, which is not limited to communications with trees and plants.

‘Green language’ in the House of the Bee Mystery School© lineage teachings, refers to the shaman’s ability to communicate with all living things, including plants, birds, animals mountains, the mineral kingdom, the stars, the devic forces and the beings in the spirit realm.

Listen More Deeply

The wisdom of the ‘Tree Telegraph’ invites you to rekindle your innate connection with nature and to listen more deeply to the voices of the Earth.

It beckons you to walk in the forests with reverence, to honor the sacredness of all living beings, and to cultivate a relationship with the natural world that is based on respect, reciprocity, and love.

Next time when you are walking past a tree in the park, in the forest or on the side of the road…
Take a breath…
Slow down to the heart beat of the Earth and listen…
Maybe the tree has a message for you?

 As you open your heart and mind to the messages from nature, you can begin to heal not only your connection to the natural world, but also to your own soul, the part of you that knows and understands the ‘green language’.

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

Step onto the Primordial Path of the Shaman

If you want to heighten your metaphysical sensitivity and develop spiritual acuity to be able to more easily understand the ‘green language’, join my Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© shamanic apprenticeship program.

I invite you to step on the primordial path of the shaman, where you will be working directly with highly esteemed shamanic teacher plants to receive guidance and teachings from them.

For the duration of this program, these shamanic teacher plants will be your wise elders, guides and initiators. The wisdom, power and insights you will gain from them will serve you for a lifetime.

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