Freedom, lightness and strength

“Undertaking the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program has been a journey that brought me many gifts. One of these is the sense of freedom I now experience thanks to the healing and letting go of energetic stuff that held me in certain ways of being and thinking. With this freedom comes lightness, strength and greater capacities.

I wear many hats, the hat of a mother, a transpersonal coach, a flower essence practitioner, a disability support worker, a child carer, and a child of Papatuanuku. Each role is one of service. Before undertaking the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program I worked mainly from my personality as a sensitive Piscean, not always clear as to what was mine and what was another person’s or, what was the energetic nature of my surroundings. Consequently I could take on other people’s problems or take things personally. Now I have gained knowledge and developed capacity in the necessary skills to be effective in my roles without it being of detriment to myself. My energy is constant and my boundaries clearer.

Another gift has been to come to experience the importance of my soul in my role as healer and woman in service to others. I now value the role my soul has as I wear my many hats and realise its connection to our natural world and the greater energetic matrix we are inseparable from.

Undertaking this year long program that requires some self discipline to do what is required initially had me questioning can I fit this in? I am now finding I miss the rhythm and routine of following a programme that links me in with the rhythm of the day, the Luna cycles and mother nature. 

Another gift has been the creating of my personal healers story. This has given me a beautiful reference tool to remind me of where I have come from, where I am now and where I am going.

The interactive Medicine Woman online school has been great and that is coming from someone who has had trouble studying remotely before. I loved receiving new information each month, digesting it and seeing how it relates to me and my situations, leading to expansion of who I am with new ideas and understanding.”

Maria Gerathy
Transpersonal Coach, Disability Support Worker, Sydney, Australia
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