How To Become Enlightened While Living In The 3D Realm


Speaking generally enlightenment is a gradual process of becoming more and more light filled. The word enlightenment means; to be in the light; or to bring into the light.

Full spiritual enlightenment or cosmic consciousness, which is experienced as ‘divine intoxication’ is a culmination of a series of enlightenment stages. Some people have flashes or moments of enlightenment that change their lives forever. However, these flashes usually only happen once and only last for a few seconds or at best minutes. 

Full enlightenment can only occur when we have successfully walked an ancient tried and tested pathway and passed through the required rites of passage which facilitate our connection to our soul, spirit and cosmic selves. It is the pathway that initially enables us to free ourselves from the insidious and all pervasive influence of mass consciousness and in so doing individuate ourselves.

Many people aspire to be enlightened, but very few have developed the necessary discipline to be able to walk this path.

As the saying goes ‘If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.’

We have to free ourselves from any attachment to the ‘sense’ experience and perceptions of separateness generated from an identification with 3-dimensional reality, which is temporality.

The simple reality is that most people are more interested in what they are having for dinner, what car they are driving, or where they are going for their next holiday, rather than their soul growth and spiritual evolution. In short, they are focused on personality enhancement and not on self-actualisation.



Not at all. In the modern age it is possible, and even spiritually desirable or beneficial, to be able to exist in both worlds simultaneously, the physical and the metaphysical.

In the Aquarian Age, true spiritual progress can only be made while living an everyday life, having a family, running a business and so on. It is the Age of the Householder after all.



Full enlightenment is accomplished in a progression of steps and as such it takes time. It also requires a reversal of perception. By that it is meant that we have to come to know what the temporal space-time continuum actually is and why it exists. To do that we have to dismantle the conditioning of lifetimes and in so doing we are forced to confront and overcome many of our limitations and fears.

Overcoming our limitations and fears enables us to address and resolve anything in our life that does not serve us. This requires that we eliminate negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour held in the subconscious – unconscious aspects of the mind.

If you look at a straw in a glass of water the straw appears to be bent where it enters the water. Usually we do not notice this as our ‘mind’ adjusts what we see and we interpret the image of the bent straw as being straight because we know it is an optical illusion. Temporality is a little bit like that. In the great scheme of things temporality can in one sense be seen to be an illusion. The trick is knowing that to be so.



In the ancient mystery school traditions, and in particular in shamanic traditions, the shaman has always worked with plants and plant spirits as their wise elders, teachers, guides and allies.

For thousands of years shamans have worked with plants to help them undertake the rites of passage that enabled them to address and resolve their own fears and limitations and in so doing they were able to walk between the worlds. The Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program makes available the fully recontextualised ancient sacred rites of passage of the shaman that are facilitated through working with the twenty-four First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® shamanic teacher plant essences. Working with these shamanic teacher plant essences assists you to undertake and pass through the 24 time-honoured rites of passage of the shaman.

For the 21st century spiritual seeker these rites of passage represent the 24 steps on the journey of spiritual awakening. Step by step, as each rite of passage is successfully passed the shaman is able to hold greater levels of light, wisdom and power in their consciousness, moving closer and closer to their desired goal of true spiritual enlightenment.


Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

The next Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program begins on the New Moon
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