I feel calmer, wiser and more empowered

“The path of learning from the great Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© teacher plants has been a journey of a lifetime. A journey to look inward and find the truth of my soul. I can clearly see how over these few years my life is enriched by bringing me closer and closer to a life of connection to the great Oneness. On an everyday level also I feel calmer, wiser and more empowered and able to offer my best to the varied situations of my life. Each month I look forward to the wonderful journeying and insights and lessons that challenge me yet will step me up vibrationally more and more as healer and as a human. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in my spiritual life at this time. It is a great mission to be a part of and I feel privileged to be a Medicine Woman apprentice.”

Gillian Crundwell
Ecologist and Herbalist, Australia
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