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Empowerment Spell Box - Whakamanatanga

Empower and Uplift

Empowerment Spell Box - Whakamanatanga Empower and Uplift

Use the Empowerment Nature’s Spell Box® to empower and uplift your life.  This powerful collection of magical items and treasures when used in the prescribed manner will align your energies with the vibration of personal power or mana. Casting the Empowerment Spell enables you to increase personal motivation and fires up your enthusiasm and inner fire.  It will support you to express your truth and to shine your light out into the world. Use this spell box when you know it is time to ‘power up’, to ‘make things happen’ and increase confidence and willpower.


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BOX CONTENTS: Greenstone Pounamu; Medicine Woman No 5 Empowerment Plant Spell; Ceremony Instruction Scroll; Magical Keepsake; Traditional Kete; Crystals; Candle/s; Magical Anointing Oil; Floral Water Magical Mister and more...


Use the Empowerment Nature’s Spell Box® when you wish to discover and express your true self, to enhance your passion for living and be all you can be. 


Nature’s Spell Box® combine sacred ceremony with ongoing ingestion of plant spells. The ceremony should be undertaken in private, at a time and place where you will not be disturbed and can focus all your intent and energy on the success of your spell casting.


Full instructions are included. We recommend you work with lunar phases to enhance the power of your spell.


"I just wanted to thank your for the Spell Box i received last week to say what a delight. So well designed, so much detail has gone into all the elements i just wanted to acknowledge that i appreciate this 'creation'. Really wonderful.

Also the Potions book and the music...magical and transporting. Such wonderful detail and beauty in your work. I admire and value your dedication. With gratitude and appreciation."

— Wendy Joy