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No 11 Good Luck Plant Spell - Mana Hapai

To Invoke Good Fortune

No 11 Good Luck Plant Spell - Mana Hapai To Invoke Good Fortune

Use to bring about a change of luck or when life feels like nothing seems to be going right and you need fortune to come your way.

20ml Oral Spray

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Working with this plant spell helps you to get into or stay 'in the zone'.

This natural New Zealand native plant remedy sends out a clear 'no nonsense' message and is also a strong defense against negative forces.

Magical Use:

  • to get 'in sync' with the universe
  • to break through resistance or blockages in mind, body and spirit
  • to invoke good fortune into your life
  • when you need a 'bolt from the blue' or to bring about a change of luck

Nature’s magical ingredients include pure New Zealand native flower and plant essences of:

  • Kumerahou
  • Horned Orchid
  • Umbrella Sedge

Maori Lore: Maori tohunga understood each individual New Zealand native plant brought its own healing and magical gifts.

Box contents: 20ml Oral Plant Spell Spray and magical keepsake with unique blessing in Maori and English.


"I had been fighting for something that was mine, and I was in a huge conflict because I was being told from a source of great earthly power, that this did not belong to me. The odds were not in my favour. This “fight” started in 2007. At times, I thought about giving up this fight, but I did not really want to give up. It seemed to be a fight over right and wrong, and I was right. I was starting to think of plan “B” as I did not think I would be winning. In 2012, a dear friend asked me to choose a number between 1 and 25, but did not tell me anything more. I picked the number 11. By the way, number 11 is NOT one of my “go-to” numbers. In fact, I can’t ever remember picking this number for anything! Shortly after this, my friend gave me Plant Spell No 11, the Good Luck Plant Spell. Every morning, afternoon, and evening, I started spraying (along with my other plant potions.) A few months later, a very important notice came for me in the post. I had WON! This had been such a worry for me throughout these years. I knew I was right, but I had started to feel defeated and lose faith. Sometimes, all we seem to need in our lives, is a little Good Luck!"

- Cathie Koosmann

How to use

Directions: Simply spray the Good Luck Plant Spell 2-3 times under your tongue 3-4 times a day. This natural New Zealand native plant remedy can be used by the whole family.