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No 17 Prosperity Plant Spell - Ao Hirahira

To Create Abundance

No 17 Prosperity Plant Spell - Ao Hirahira To Create Abundance

Use to facilitate assistance or support in dealing with financial challenges and to help you create and maintain wealth.

20ml Oral Spray

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This plant spell is the anitidote for procrastination.

This natural New Zealand native plant remedy can enhance your capacity to be dynamically active in the moment.

Magical Use:

  • to help create abundance in your life and to create new definitions of wealth and prosperity
  • to initiate motivating energies to make something happen
  • to create and maintain wealth through your own initiative, ability and effort
  • to discover and increase your inner creative resources and capacities

Nature’s magical ingredients include pure New Zealand native flower and plant essences of:

  • Five Finger Seed
  • Native Pouch Flower
  • Red Hook Flower

Maori Lore: Maori tohunga understood each individual New Zealand native plant brought its own healing and magical gifts.

Box contents: 20ml Oral Plant Spell Spray and magical keepsake with unique blessing in Maori and English.


"Within a week of using the No 17 Prosperity Plant Spell, three new business opportunities showed up in my life. Two opportunities were coming through previous business partners and one was offered by a person I have never met before. It felt like I have been at the right time at the right place and meeting the right people. Those opportunities opened up new avenues for my business in the future both locally and internationally. I can't describe how abundant I feel now and how grateful I am for this experience. Thank you."

- Angela Radosits, Auckland, New Zealand

How to use

Directions: Simply spray the Prosperity Plant Spell 2-3 times under your tongue 3-4 times a day. This natural New Zealand native plant remedy can be used by the whole family.