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Space Clearing Mister

Cleanse and Restore

Space Clearing Mister Cleanse and Restore

Aura and Space Transformation. 50ml Magic Mister

Magically transform your aura or space to create a pristine and harmonious atmosphere. Clear, cleanse and purify the environments that are negative, unpleasant, heavy or low.

The Space Clearing Mister cleanses, transforms and shifts dense energies from the aura and spaces. It uplifts the atmosphere and allows harmony and balance to be restored.

50ml External Spray

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Nature’s magical ingredients include manuka floral water, clear quartz crystal essence, First Light® New Zealand native flower and plant essences of:

  • • Small White Rata
  • • Silver Pine
  • • Clematis

A space or environment, be it your workspace, your home, your car or your aura can become effected by negative or disharmonious energies. The ancient people regularly worked with the magic of nature to raise the vibration of the aura or space to clear, dispel, dissipate and neutralise negative energies to restore harmony and balance. The Space Clearing Mister has been created in the ancient tradition to help you transform your aura or a space.

Each Space Clearing Mister has been blessed with the magical karakia (prayers) that have been used for 1000’s of years to clear and empower spaces.



Use the Space Clearing Mister whenever you feel the need to clear the energy from dense, stuck, negative or disharmonious energy or whenever you want to uplift the atmosphere.


The Space Clearing Mister can be used in any environment where people congregate, such as home, office or work. It is ideal when moving into new home or work premises to facilitate a fresh beginning, devoid of the energies of the previous occupants.


Hold mister about 30cm from your body and lightly spray 6–8 puffs around head and shoulder area or chosen space.