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The Moon in the Zodiacal Signs

Approximately every 2 ½ days, the moon’s astrological position changes. Each shift into a new sign offers the opportunity to tap into the specific energy that accompanies each configuration. By actively tuning into the lunar energy available to you at each stage of the moon’s journey around the zodiac, you can align yourself with a resource of great power. When working in harmony with the forces of our closest cosmic companion, manifestation and magic become second nature.


Moon in Aries – Fire – Cardinal – Positive

Keywords: initiative, action, movement and beginnings

A good time for new starts and to strike out on your own. This is a time for action, new beginnings and initiating new projects. A good time to gain a new perspective, to break old patterns and take a risk. Energy levels are high and circumstances change quickly. A time to indulge your curiosity and seek new inspiration. Physical energy abounds in a period of self-assertion and courage. A period of intense creative activity.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 9 Fresh Start Plant Spell for new beginnings, starting a project and to get a fresh perspective on life situations.


Moon in Taurus – Earth – Fixed – Negative

Keywords: material realm, resourcefulness and perseverance

A good time for pursuits requiring patience, persistence and resourcefulness. A time when financial instincts are sharp and common sense prevails. A more centred, cautious stable period focused on a general concern with the practical. A time to lay foundations and focus on material and tangible things. A period when the senses are acute, where the artistic sense and strong physical desires are activated. A heightened awareness of material and security needs.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 17 Prosperity Plant Spell helps welcome abundance and increase prosperity, resourcefulness and productivity.


Moon in Gemini – Air – Mutable – Positive

Keywords: communication, mental activity and sharing information

A good time to enjoy the unconventional. Excellent for communicating, spreading information, writing and study. This is a busy time with plenty of mental activity and rapidly changing emotions and feelings. A period of increased mental energy and to share things that have been difficult to put into words. Travel may feature at this time, especially travelling by air. A time when the mind is curious, inventive and quick.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 10 Friendship Plant Spell enhances communication, social skills and the energies of friendship and connection with others.


Moon in Cancer – Water – Cardinal – Negative

Keywords: nurture, caring for others, home and family

A good time to trust your instincts. A period when emotional sensitivity rises sharply. This time is very good for dreams and remembering the past as it is a psychic fertile period. The focus will be on the home and the family and anything that provides security. A time of traditional approaches and values. The instinct to feel loved, wanted and emotionally secure will be strong. The Moon’s influence here is strongest and purest.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 1 Blessing Plant Spell celebrates, supports and nourishes the growth and development of all kinds of activities and undertakings.


Moon in Leo – Fire – Fixed – Positive

Keywords: courage, creativity, boldness, warmth and leadership

A good time to play. A great time for creative self-expression, pleasure and romance. A period of high vitality and exuberant energy. A time to be assertive, use the direct approach and express dramatically from the heart. An excellent time to deal with those in power. Physical energy levels are high and there is a general feeling of excitement. The optimal time to be appreciated and recognised. A time for entertainment and to entertain.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 2 Courage Plant Spell supports creative expression, enhances confidence and to capacity to live life dynamically


Moon in Virgo – Earth – Mutable – Negative

Keywords: service, focus and discipline, refinement and integrity

A good time to address any health issues. A period of careful discrimination and attention to detail. This is a time of self-refinement and self-purification. The ideal time to commence vocational studies and to take things apart to see what makes them tick. A time for hard work, organising and disciplining self. Practicality and precision is very important now. A period of careful analysis on all levels.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 8 Focus Plant Spell enhances mental clarity, acuity and to focus and discipline the mind and emotions.


Moon in Libra – Air – Cardinal – Positive

Keywords: harmony and balance, relationship, love and partnership

A good time to negotiate, persuade and co-operate. Artistic abilities surface with a good sense of colour, balance and harmony. The optimum time to form partnerships of all sorts, friendships, marriage, business partnerships and relationships. A time for sociability and companionship. A period where the awareness of justice prevails. Increased levels of refined aesthetic energy that facilitates a sense of proportion.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 15 Love Plant Spell enhances the uniting of male and female energies, and awakens the power of love in the life


Moon in Scorpio – Water – Fixed – Negative

Keywords: transformation, purification, intrigue and attraction

A good time to look beneath appearances. A period of increased determination and will-power. A time of emotional intensity and strong feelings. An excellent time for research and investigating what has been hidden. A lot that has been going on under the surface will reveal itself. A time of heightened sensitivity and awareness. Increased sexual energy. A period of deep change, transformation and clearing out of the old and outmoded.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 7 Fascination Plant Spell enhances natural charm, use to fascinate, intrigue, attract, captivate and enchant.


Moon In Sagittarius – Fire – Mutable – Positive

Keywords: movement and travel, purpose and higher learning

A good time to look for higher purpose and meaning or examine your attitudes. A time to travel, go exploring or broaden horizons. Good luck prevails. A period of optimism, enthusiasm or idealism. Being open minded and focused upon the future and its possibilities. A good time to begin journeys or events or deal with institutions of higher learning. For the moment life is a game and an adventure.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 22 Travellers Plant Spell for use when travelling and for support to move in the right direction in your journey through life.


Moon in Capricorn – Earth – Cardinal – Negative

Keywords: planning and goal setting, pragmatism and strength

A good time to set and achieve goals and establish long range schemes especially on the material level. This is a time to be pragmatic and patience is at a high, as are reserves of strength. The focus is very businesslike and productive. An excellent time for getting things done and to lay foundations for future plans. It is a building and organising time that requires care and perseverance.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 21 Success Plant Spell enhances attainment of successful outcomes and achievement of goals and objectives


Moon In Aquarius – Air – Fixed – Positive

Keywords: invention, independence, humanitarian ideals and detachment

A good time to focus attention upon social concerns and humanitarian ideals for the good of the group rather than the individual. The ideal time to collectively solve a problem or confront an issue. This period is ideal for celebrations, parties, meetings and lively social get togethers. Expect surprises, unannounced visitors and spurts of creativity. Its time to break the rules, be inventive and welcome change.

Recommended Medicine Woman Plant Spell: No 5 Empowerment Plant Spell helps you discover and express your true self, enhancing self confidence and personal power.


Moon in Pisces – Water – Mutable – Negative

Keywords: imagination, mysticism, dreaming and intuition

A good time to draw towards the spiritual and psychic, to retreat and contemplate. This is a time of heightened sensitivity, creativity and inspiration. Things are not what they seem, issues seem clouded. A time to reflect and meditate and let the imagination have full rein. Start a pilgrimage or vision quest or do good works of a charitable nature. This is a mystical, magical, other worldly time.

Corresponding Plant Spell: No 19 Psychic Insight Plant Spell enhances psychic faculties, dream recall and inner vision to see behind appearances.