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Blessing Mister

Blessing Mister

Bless and Divinely Protect


Aura & Space Transformation

Magically transform your aura and space and endow with nature's divine blessing.

The Blessing Mister blesses, consecrates and divinely protects the energetic space of a person, place or object. It can be used to bless a person, place, home, business, relationship, journey, special object or the birth of something new.

Made in New Zealand
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50ml external spray
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Aura & Space Transformation

The ancient people understood that spaces and environments could become polluted with negative and disharmonious energies. They worked with the magic of nature to dispel negativity and to create purified, harmonious, clear and pristine environments. The ancient people also worked with the magical power of nature to create sacred space to achieve the highest possible outcome.

The Medicine Woman Magic Misters© have been created in the ancient tradition and contain a powerful blend of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® plant essences that will quickly and easily transform your environment. The magical prayers used in its making have been used for 1000’s of years to empower, clear spaces and to empower the experience of divination. They can safely link you into powerful spiritual energies that will enhance any environment

A space or environment, be it your workspace, your home, your car or your aura can become effected by negative or disharmonious energies. The ancient people would call upon the goddess in her most beneficent form to bless and provide protection for the path and future that lay ahead. The Blessing Mister has been created in the ancient tradition to help you transform your aura or a space.

How To Use

Lightly mist your chosen space or hold the mister about 30cm from your body and lightly spray 6–8 times around head and shoulder area.

When to use:

Use the Blessing Mister whenever you feel the need to clear the energy from dense, stuck, negative or disharmonious energy or whenever you want to uplift the atmosphere.

Where to use:

The Blessing Mister can be used in any space that you would like to be blessed and consecrated. The space maybe a person's aura - their personal energetic space or the energetic space/place of a business, home, place of healing or spiritual practice.


Nature’s magical ingredients include lavender, frankincense, rose floral waters and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

  • No 153 Elegant Rush
  • No 154 Knobbly Club Rush
  • No 155 Tall Jointed Rush
  • No 156 Fan Flowered Rush

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