New Moon – Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© Online Program

Develop True Shamanic Power Restore Order and Harmony in the World
The 24 Original Ancient Rites of Passage of the Shaman

In the Aquarian Age, the ancient sacred pathway of the shaman has been fully restored and made available to all those who seek to re-connect with their inner shaman and walk the sacred path of the shaman.

We have supported hundreds of shamans through the 2-year comprehensive formal shamanic apprenticeship program. This program both honours the old ways and meets the modern requirements necessary for developing genuine shamanic abilities and capacities.

While this training has been developed to meet 21st century needs, the structure of the teachings is age-old and fully embodies all of the necessary traditional elements ensuring the teachings are a perfect expression of the ancient earth wisdom tradition.

The Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© available exclusively through Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® is a pathway comprised of the 24 original ancient rites of passage and self-initiations of the shaman. You will be working with highly esteemed New Zealand native shamanic teacher plants to enable you to acquire, develop and master the necessary soul and spiritual qualities and disciplines to become a fully empowered shaman.

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