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No 0 Black Orchid


No 0 Black Orchid Silence

No 0 Black Orchid holds a very special place in the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range. It is specifically associated with creation, the powers of creation and perfect order. It works to align one with, and to have ‘gnosis’ of, the eleven laws of creation. It also works to facillitate the restoration of true natural order both within and without the holistic being.

No 0 Black Orchid upholds and aligns us with the forces of order, truth, harmony, balance and natural evolutionary progress at the level of the personality, soul, spirit and cosmic selves.

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Your Divine Self

It is associated with the ‘First Time’ of ancient Egyptian mythology and with the power of our divine self in its pure and original expressive state. It is inseparably associated with the ancient Egyptian goddess Maat and the principle of perfect order, truth and balance. It is also associated with the ancient Egyptian goddess Neith, who is the spinner of the threads of life and destiny. Black Orchid assists us in the spinning and weaving together and repairing of the fabric of our humanness as it works to align us with the most powerful goddesses in the Egyptian and Maori pantheon.

The Spinner and Weaver Within

Black Orchid awakens the 'spinner and weaver’ in each and every one of us that we may spin and weave into existence ‘that which is in perfect accordance with our destiny.’ It works to link us into infinite possibilities, and the limitless creative power that inherently lies within us. As such it is the dynamic power of ‘the law of attraction’ in a bottle.

True Ceremonial Power

This remarkable First Light® essence is inseparably associated with true ceremonial power. In the House of the Bee tradition, No 0 Black Orchid is associated with the role of the ceremonial priests and priestess and the power of ceremony to spin, weave and hold the fabric of society together. In the House of the Bee lineage, No 0 Black Orchid is interwoven into and through with the eight types of priests and priestesses and their ‘Guardianship of the Eight Worlds’.

Hathor’s Mirror

Black Orchid links us into the power of Hathor’s Mirror enabling us to both see and reflect what is real and what is true. Black Orchid holds up a mirror and reflects back to the aspiring ceremonial priest and priestess in the lineage of the House of the Bee what they have spun, woven and created. Hathor’s Mirror is the mirror of Mother Nature which is symbolically represented by the planetary symbol of Venus. Hathor’s Mirror reflects back to the aspiring ceremonial priest and priestess the image or pattern of the perfect pattern or state of being and expression which enables them to become more objectively aware of the laws of creation.

No 0 Black Orchid is also associated with the ancient Egyptian god Anubis as it enables us to use our divine intelligence, to find our way through the darkness, through the ‘duat’ or underworld of life. No 0 Black Orchid is our ‘Anubis’, our ally and guide as we seek to confront and overcome the untransmuted aspects of our own being in order to come back home to the ‘silence’.


  • Is the dedicated essence of the ‘Keepers of the Earth’
  • Gives access to the mysteries of the great Spider Goddess
  • Is the support essence of the House of the Bee ceremonial priests and priests who serve the goddesses Maat and Neith
  • Holds the gnosis of how to spin, weave and create a new reality
  • Leads us into the divine mysteries
  • Supports us as we spin and weave a new reality
  • Links us into the creation point as spinners and weavers of existence
  • Supports us to step into our destiny
  • Works with us to find our way through the labyrinth of life
  • Stands with us as we confront the untransmuted aspects of self
  • Helps us to hold ‘order’ in the universe and in our own inner world
  • Is the ‘voice of the silence’
  • Helps us to become one with the ‘silent speaker’
  • Helps us to align with divine ego
  • Is the essence of ceremonial order
  • Aligns us with the Egyptian god Anubis as our ally and guide