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Planetary Elixirs Collection

12 Planetary Elixirs

Planetary Elixirs Collection 12 Planetary Elixirs

The complete boxed set of Porta Alchémica® Planetary Elixirs. Beautifully presented in a gold foiled black box, these elixirs enable you to work with 12 planetary energies and powers.

Boxed Collection 10ml x 12

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The twelve Planetary Elixirs embody the specific energetic keynote of each one of twelve planets in the solar system. As the alchemist, these planetary powers and intelligences exert a powerful influence on your holistic organism and consciousness.

Box Includes

  • Sun Planetary Elixir
  • Moon Planetary Elixir
  • Mercury Planetary Elixir
  • Venus Planetary Elixir
  • Mars Planetary Elixir
  • Jupiter Planetary Elixir
  • Saturn Planetary Elixir
  • Uranus Planetary Elixir
  • Neptune Planetary Elixir
  • Pluto Planetary Elixir
  • Chiron Planetary Elixir
  • Vulcan Planetary Elixir

+ Daily Alchemy Guide mini foldout

How to use

Directions: Place in your chalice or take 3 drops 3 times daily under the tongue and more frequently if desired.