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Porta Alchémica® Zodiacal Elixirs Collection

Porta Alchémica® Zodiacal Elixirs Collection

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The complete boxed set of Porta Alchémica® Zodiacal Elixirs. Beautifully presented in a gold foiled black box, these elixirs enable you to work with all 12 zodiacal energies and powers.

The twelve Zodiacal Elixirs embody the specific energetic keynote of each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign of the zodiac is a different beautifully coloured window or lens through which specialised powerful stellar energy shines and expresses. Each Zodiacal Elixir enables you to select which facet or mode of stellar zodiacal power you wish to express in your life.

Made in New Zealand
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12 x 10ml oral dropper bottle
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Aries Planetary Elixir
Taurus Planetary Elixir
Gemini Planetary Elixir
Cancer Planetary Elixir
Leo Planetary Elixir
Virgo Planetary Elixir
Libra Planetary Elixir
Scorpio Planetary Elixir
Sagittarius Planetary Elixir
Capricorn Planetary Elixir
Aquarius Planetary Elixir
Pisces Planetary Elixir
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