Eighth Ray Ritual Magic® Altar Items

Elemental Power Objects and Ritual Items

Throughout the ages, special objects that have been imbued with power have been traditionally used by the ritual magician to enhance and facilitate their work. They are often ornate and well crafted taking on the shapes, texture, and materials that hold deep alchemical meaning and significance.

Ritual Items of the Highest Integrity

Each individual ritual item is empowered and inspirited by Master Shamaness and High Priestess of the ancient people Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. When an item has been inspirited, it becomes an object of power, enlivened and empowered by spirit. This is a magically complicated and lengthy process which enables your ritual item to be ready for Eighth Ray Ritual Magic® and to ensure it is of the highest integrity and fit for sacred purpose.

Please see care instructions for taking care of your ritual items.

These ritual items can be purchased as a magical gift or to empower and amplify the energy in the work that you do. They are specially created for those wanting to follow the path of the ritual magician working with Eighth Ray Ritual Magic® in the 21st century to ‘purpose good’.

Opened my eyes to the power of the Goddess "When I first opened the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand it felt incredibly powerful. The first time I used the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand in the eighth ray rituals I had a life changing experience. When I first used the wand to blow through the worlds I could see clearly the planes/realms/worlds open up and the spirit breath of light move through them. This whole experience was life changing in so many ways and opened my eyes to the power of working on the eighth ray, the ray of the Goddess." Kim Ahrens Flower Essences Practitioner, New Zealand
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