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A Real Christmas Story

Anthony M. Wyber

Discover the Deeper Esoteric Nature and Significance of Christmas and How You Can Access the Infinite Power of the Inner Light.

Revised and Expanded Version

Many people no longer feel that Christmas has a deep spiritual significance. Having some deeper insights into the true nature of Christmas can help us to take advantage of the powerful opportunities available at this time of the spiritual year.

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Alchemy, Magic and the Secret of the Seven Week Days NEW!

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber & Anthony M. Wyber

Discover the alchemical magic concealed in the seven week days. From ancient Babylonian times a very potent magical secret has been known and passed down certain mystery school magical lineages. Learn how you can apply this magic in your daily life…. and much more!
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Made in New Zealand



Giving You Access to Secret Mystery School Teachings

Spiritual wisdom, insight and knowledge shared in The Raven Chronicles© form a part of the body of teaching and knowledge that has in the past been kept in secret in closed Mystery Schools that very few people have had access to.

What is shared in The Raven Chronicles© is the very ancient Discipline of the Secret or the Disciplina Arcana which until now has always been a ‘closed order’ secret, silent or ‘whispered’ occult communication of the arcane knowledge pertaining to the Greater Mysteries.

This is the priceless knowledge and wisdom that makes a person ‘wise in their lore’ and by extension provides the means to enable them to transform themselves into a Divine being.


For Those Who Are Serious About Their Spiritual Development

The Raven Chronicles© provide a written factual and detailed spiritual, magical and occult account about why things are ordered as they are in the temporal reality that is the fabric of space-time. This information of necessity is occult, arcane and esoteric in nature. It reveals to the reader the secrets of the Greater Mysteries. Those individuals who are serious about their spiritual development will apply the information and knowledge obtained from The Raven Chronicles© publications to enable themselves to make real progress towards spiritual enlightenment and self-actualisation. The Raven Chronicles© give you access to the magical and spiritual knowledge contained in the Greater Mysteries where the mysteries of human destiny, light and time are revealed.


Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber

The Raven Chronicles© publications are written by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber, who combined have over 100 years of experience working with clients, teaching courses, writing books and creating comprehensive training programs in the healing, occult, magical, spiritual and esoteric fields.

The Raven Chronicles© publications give you an exclusive access to the body of work that Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber have developed over the decades.

Through The Raven Chronicles©, Franchelle and Anthony provide the modern spiritual seeker, aspirant and student with deep occult insight to assist them on their ongoing quest to attain enlightenment and self-actualisation.

THE Legend of the two ravens

Revealing Universal Spiritual Wisdom

The Raven Chronicles© are named for the two Ravens associated with the Norse god Odin. These two Ravens are called Hugin and Munin and they perch either on Odin’s shoulders or on the high throne Odin sits upon in Asgard.

According to Norse legend the two Ravens Hugin and Munin enabled Odin to become ‘very wise in his lore’. Legend tells us that the two Ravens Hugin and Munin fly out from Asgard at sunrise every morning to travel around the entire world only to return at sunset.

On their return the two Ravens tell Odin everything they have seen, heard, encountered and discovered on their epic daily journey around the Earth. This global view of Odin’s Ravens characterises the universalist perspective inherent in the Raven Chronicles©

Unique Powers of Ravens

Down through the ages the Raven has been associated with unique powers, magical capacities and deep mystery. This widespread perception means Ravens feature in myths and legends of numerous cultures around the world. In many cultural traditions the Raven is seen as a source of powerful insight and knowledge along with expanded levels of consciousness and heightened awareness. The qualities associated with Ravens characterise the content of the Raven Chronicles©.

The qualities and capacities associated with Ravens are also the same as those that form the corpus of teachings, practices and knowledge traditionally passed down particular spiritual lineages like that of the House of the Bee©. This body of teaching and knowledge has been passed down in an unbroken chain for thousands of years from person to person often by word of mouth, or from ‘mouth to ear’ and in secret.


Discover the Mysteries of Light and Time

The secrets of the Greater Mysteries are essentially the mysteries of human destiny, light and time. The word chronicle originally comes from the Greek word Chronos. This is the name of the ancient Greek god who is the personification of ‘tick-tock’ time. This is linear time that is secular mundane time measured out by the movements of the hour, minute and second hands moving over the face of a clock.

A chronicle is a written record that is factual and detailed about something that has occurred in the passage of time. As such a chronicle is concerned with time and time itself is a book of the order of things viewed from three dimensions or the material reality.

The Raven Chronicles© give you access to the magical and spiritual knowledge contained in the Greater Mysteries where the mysteries of human destiny, light and time are revealed.


Sacred Numeration and Numeral Magic

The science of sacred numeration is also called numeral magic and is the clue to all Great Mysteries. As a consequence the discipline of working with the spiritual arithmetic that is a form of esoteric numerology called arithmology by the ancient Greeks is often used in the Raven Chronicles©. Spiritual arithmetic is also known as Gematria and this term literally means; word measuring. In occultism, magic and alchemy like ordinary chemistry numeration formulas are of great importance.

The information provided in the Raven Chronicles© is designed to meet the needs of mature, dedicated and determined students and seekers. It is also designed to deepen and broaden the student’s perception and understanding as to what is real and assist the serious student and seeker come to know what reality truly is.

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