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Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies

2-year spirit uplifting and life transforming journey into the ancient secret mysteries of nature and the hidden magical realms – a journey to create the master shaman who is the Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace©.

Online program starts: New Moon

A Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© is the 21st century master shaman who works to turn the waka canoe right side up and return Papatuanuku Mother Earth to the perfection that she is on the 12th plane.

  • The journey of the 21st century master shaman and Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© with 24 ancient and magical rites of passage to transform the shaman into the enlightened master shaman.
  • Become an active dynamic force for spirit in the world by acting for, upholding and celebrating truth, harmony and balance in all aspects of your life at a personal and transpersonal level. Through working with the remarkable intelligence of highly revered New Zealand native master teacher plants you will be acting to unfold the divine plan.
  • Work with the new unconquerable magic of light and become part of the selfless and supportive community of students who play an active, intelligent and constructive role in the work of planetary restoration.


Be transformed from the shaman to the enlightened master shaman

Global Healing and Restoration

The Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies is an advanced spiritual pathway of actively working with the powers of stellar light, the great forces of nature, the deeper levels of shamanic power and knowledge to initiate change and bring global healing and restoration.

Stand For the Sacred

As an apprentice master shaman over the 24 months your role will be pro-actively standing for the sacred to restore order and balance and bring ‘maat’ – truth and order to any situation, work, event, experience you are involved in. Through walking the path of surrender, in conjunction with working with 24 highly revered master teacher plants you will be able to incrementally work towards attaining transpersonal enlightenment. This incremental expansion of consciousness will enable you to see the bigger picture and participate in the work of planetary transformation at a deeper level.

Work with Master Teacher Plants

The 24 master teacher plants that stepped forward to assist you on this journey are the Orchids, Fern Allies, and Sacred Mountain Grasses from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. They will be working with you at the transpersonal level as master shaman and a Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace©. In the spirit of the Aquarian Age you will be working cooperatively with these highly specialised master teacher plants to bring balance, harmony and restoration to humanity and the planet itself.

The Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© is a potent and focused force of restorative energy who singularly and collectively having heard the call naturally seeks to work for the greater good of humanity and the planet in total dedication to the will of Spirit.

Uphold Greater Levels of Light

You will be challenged and equally you will be supported, tutored and encouraged to uphold ever greater and more intense levels of light. You will be accompanied by your fellow Medicine Woman Rainbow Warriors of Peace©, your helper spirits, power animals and ancestors. You will be supported by the venerable master teacher plant spirits and accompanied by the mighty gods and goddesses – the atua who watch over the lives of Medicine Woman Rainbow Warriors of Peace©.

Learn Anywhere in the World

All Medicine Woman programs can be undertaken from anywhere in the world and can be done as stand alone programs or as a spiritual pathway beginning with the Rite of the Six Moons and progressing though to the Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents.


Experience the bigger picture and participate in the work of planetary transformation

"The greatest benefit for me in undertaking Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© has been the validation that I am not a 'square peg in a round hole' - my greatest strength is my 'uniqueness'. I developed the strength and courage to believe and trust in my unique decisions, live a dynamic purposeful exciting life, and see the extraordinary in the ordinary."

Peggy Rangi
Kaiwaka, New Zealand

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What You Will Be Learning

You will develop the 24 spiritual qualities and disciplines of the Medicine Woman Rainbow Warrior of Peace© to be able to:

  1. Step onto the ancient sacred path of the master shaman. A conscious and unconscious declaration of surrendering the direction of your life to spirit.
  2. Maintain higher levels of objectivity necessary to respond to change appropriately and quickly.
  3. Move into the state of consciousness enigmatically referred to as being the state of 'no mind' - a precursor to attaining the state of transpersonal enlightenment.
  4. Understand the inherent power of renunciation and discover the quality of true empathy.
  5. Make powerful and deep connections with nature, the energies and powers of nature and natural forces.
  6. Experience an incredible groundedness and centredness that can be likened to that experienced by a tree.
  7. Have the opportunity to enter into dynamic interrelationship with the presence and power of the 'light bringer'.
  8. Control the balance of the elements in both your body and consciousness.
  9. Re-vivify, upgrade and align the aura to prepare the alchemical elixir, the stone of the wise.
  10. Penetrate deeply into the teachings of relationship and confront any myths you are perpetuating or fantasies you are running at an emotional level.
  11. Confront your lower mind with its capacity to create illusions that prevent you from being consciously and knowingly aware of the unity and oneness of all life.
  12. Reorient consciousness to facilitate the creation of Homo luminous, the transpersonal enlightened radiant light filled human.
  13. Transmute any desire for destructive actions, uncurbed emotions and irrational thoughts.
  14. Gain deeper insight into the mysteries of light by opening the door to the light of the East.
  15. Know what is truly meant by the term, Lux Oculi, the eye of light.
  16. Know that all things are parts of one great whole from which nothing can be detached.
  17. Learn the secrets and teachings of the ancient and holy art of vocal blessing.
  18. Begin to learn the secrets of the subtle energies associated with the winds.
  19. Totally reverse your identification with the personality's mental life and discover the personal human is never the thinker.
  20. See through and beyond the phantasmagoria of sensation to see the light of the world, Lux Mundi.
  21. Come closer to the goal of having the golden flower blossom on the throne of creation, the golden flower whose fragrance is the sacred spirit breath.
  22. Use power wisely through developing the capacity and discipline for benevolent thought and speech.
  23. Know that no one and no thing is ever what it appears to the physical eye and that spirit can never be dominated by matter.
  24. Know the voice of the master shaman is the voice of spirit.

Components of the Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies Online Program

  • PREPARATION MONTH - Prior to undertaking any metaphysical or spiritual work, it is important to prepare your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The program begins with one lunar month of comprehensive preparation so the apprentice master shaman is in a receptive and focused state to begin their journey. There is no dieting of master teacher plant essences in the preparation month.
  • LUNAR CALENDAR - The program begins on a new moon and maintains a lunar cycle focus throughout.
  • DIETING MASTER TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES - You will be working closely with the 24 master teacher plants from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that have stepped forward as your wise elders, teachers and initiators. These master teacher plants guard the portals of magical power and create enhanced magical linkages to a hidden door that once opened can give you access to the deeper sources of knowledge and wisdom that are vital to the to the 21st century master shaman. Each lunar month you will work with a different teacher plant essence taking a specified number of drops of the teacher plant essence at various times daily.
  • ONLINE SCHOOL - You will have access to the state-of-the-art Medicine Woman Online School - a sacred space for students from around the world to connect, share and learn. In the Online School you will have access to specialised classrooms, common room, question and answer area as well as a library of exclusive unpublished content.
  • CYBER SCROLLS - Within the Online School you will also have access to educational and instructional Cyber Scrolls, which will expand on the weekly themes and deepen your knowledge. As part of the program you will be required to follow the instructions and to complete relevant exercises.
  • VIDEO CONTENT - Each lunar month you will have the opportunity to view videos that will expand on the themes you are working with and broaden your knowledge.
  • RITUAL AND CREATION OF MAGICAL OBJECTS - You will be working with an altar, creating a master shaman's staff of power, a master shaman's medicine necklace and undertaking advanced shamanic journeying and meditations to enhance the metaphysical aspects of your program.
  • CERTIFICATION - If you wish to gain your Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© certificate, you will be required to regularly participate in the Online School classrooms and submit written materials.

Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies Online Program Start Dates

Program starts on every New Moon. Enrolments close the day before.

Dates for New Moon are NZ time and may vary for different parts of the world. See the Medicine Woman Moon Calendar for the exact date for the New Moon in your timezone and country.

25 January 2020
24 February 2020
24 March 2020
23 April 2020
23 May 2020
21 June 2020
21 July 2020
19 August 2020
17 September 2020
17 October 2020
15 November 2020
15 December 2020

Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies Online Program Details

Program Format   Online
Certification  Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic  Studies©
Duration  26 Lunar Months
Cost Of Program

 NZ$2,400 + Master Teacher Plant Essences

Master Teacher Plant Essences Required    The Orchid Collection NZ$280 + P&P
 The Fern Ally Collection NZ$280 + P&P
 The Sacred Mountain Grass Collection NZ$280 + P&P
 You will be working with a different master teacher plant essence each  month. The essences can be purchased individually for NZ$35 + P&P each.
Time Investment  4 Hours per Week Minimum
Prerequisites  None
Highly Recommended  Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies©


Begin the Journey of the 21st Century Master Shaman

"From undertaking the Medicine Woman Advanced Shamanic Certificate program, I have more clarity about my spiritual direction which in turn has influenced tangible actions. It has helped me take risks I previously didn't have the confidence to take, and connected me to teacher plants and the land in a much deeper way."

Sarah Spence, Musician
Auckland, New Zealand

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PARTIAL PAYMENT offers an option of paying in three installments: Orchid Component - NZ$835, Fern Allies Component - NZ$835 and Sacred Mountain Grasses Component – NZ$835 excluding Master Teacher Plant Essences.