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Certificate in Healers Studies

1-year spiritual and magical program of self-empowerment and transformation to access portals of power and enhance linkages to the wisdom teachings of the ancient healers. The tools and knowledge that you will gain on this journey will be invaluable for you personally and will totally transform your life.

Online program starts: New Moon

  • The journey of the 21st century healer with 12 ancient and magical rites of passage to acquire greater knowledge and experience rapid soul growth.
  • Explore the deepest mysteries of nature and the universe through working with the remarkable intelligence of highly esteemed New Zealand native teacher plants.
  • Become part of the passionate and supportive community of students who are playing an active and pivotal role in personal and planetary transformation.


Work in harmony with the power of nature

Uplift and Empower Yourself

The Certificate in Healers Studies is a formal dynamic and integrated program where you will be working with a specialised family of New Zealand native teacher plants to profoundly transform, uplift and empower yourself.

The Primordial Path of the Healer

The path of the healer is a multi-dimensional spiritual pathway that leads deep into the ancient mysteries. This program is ideal for you, if you, like the healer, tohunga, shaman, medicine man or woman of the past have heard the call to embark on a remarkable journey by stepping onto the primordial path of the healer.

Work With the Atua - the Gods and Goddesses

Stepping onto the path of the healer is an act of immense magical and healing significance. On your journey you will meet your fellow travellers and will be given the opportunity to actively work as part of a community for personal and planetary transformation. Among your companions will be the mighty gods and goddesses – the atua who watch over the lives of the 21st century healers, shamans and medicine women and medicine men.

Learn Anywhere in the World

All Medicine Woman programs can be undertaken from anywhere in the world and can be done as stand alone programs or as a spiritual pathway beginning with the Rite of the Six Moons and progressing though to the Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents.


"During Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program I was able to change my victim mindset and embrace taking control of my life in every manner. This has been such an exciting step for me and I am totally loving moving forward.  As a result I am looking forward to putting my knowledge and experience into living a luscious life & starting my own business venture, knowing that I have a better chance of achieving great results than I would have before."

Suzanne Brereton, Interior Spacial Designer
Westport, New Zealand

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What You Will Be Learning

You will develop the 12 soul qualities and disciplines of the healer to be able to:

  1. Connect with your soul, your inner healer, form an unconditional relationship with your soul and invoke the powers to heal.
  2. Sustain the connection with soul, access the wisdom of the heart and see with the all seeing eye of the heart.
  3. Stay in your own power centre, maintain a state of healthy non-attachment and prevent negative energy from clinging to you.
  4. Establish your own power base, care equally for all eight aspects of the holistic self and experience expansion from all experiences.
  5. Consciously read the environment, put up an energetic shield where appropriate and prevent others tapping into your energy.
  6. Maintain clear healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual boundaries, be alert to all possibilities and potentialities and not allow yourself to be distracted from the path.
  7. Create the balance of personality, soul and spirit, activate the triangle of healing power and call on the highest spiritual forces for assistance.
  8. Align with your own perfect divine energetic pattern, honour your uniquness and gifts and maintian energetic integrity in the face of adversity.
  9. Move into and out of a state of clairsentience, enhance clairsentient abilities and use clairsentience as a powerful tool for healing.
  10. Access and enhance the five supersensory gifts: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairknowing, clairvoyance and clairgustus to receive information directly from the source.
  11. Move from human ego to divine ego, consciously create your own reality and move beyond the cycles of death and rebirth.
  12. Maintain spiritual alignment, release outworn and outgrown attachments and remain in a state of readiness for the next step.


Components of the Certificate in Healers Studies Online Program

  • PREPARATION MONTH - Prior to undertaking any metaphysical or spiritual work, it is important to prepare your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The program begins with one lunar month of comprehensive preparation so the apprentice healer is in a receptive and focused state to begin their journey. There is no dieting of teacher plant essences in the preparation month.
  • LUNAR CALENDAR - The program begins on a new moon and maintains a lunar cycle focus throughout.
  • DIETING TEACHER PLANT ESSENCES - You will be working closely with the 12 sacred plants from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® that have stepped forward as your wise elders, teachers and initiators. These teacher plants guard the portals of power and create and enhance magical linkages to a hidden door that once opened can give you access to the deeper sources of knowledge and wisdom that are vital to the to the 21st century healer. Each lunar month you will work with a different teacher plant essence taking a specified number of drops of the teacher plant essence at various times daily.
  • ONLINE SCHOOL - You will have access to the state-of-the-art Medicine Woman Cyber School - a sacred space for students from around the world to connect, share and learn. In the Online School you will have access to specialised classrooms, common room, question and answer area as well as a library of exclusive unpublished content.
  • CYBER SCROLLS - Within the Online School you will also have access to educational and instructional Cyber Scrolls, which will expand on the weekly themes and deepen your knowledge. As part of the program you will be required to follow the instructions and to complete relevant exercises.
  • VIDEO CONTENT - Each lunar month you will have the opportunity to view videos that will expand on the themes you are working with and broaden your knowledge.
  • RITUAL AND CREATION OF MAGICAL OBJECTS - You will be working with an altar, creating a healers medicine necklace and using specific meditative practices to enhance the metaphysical aspects of your program.
  • CERTIFICATION - If you wish to gain your Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© certificate, you will be required to regularly participate in the Online School classrooms and submit written materials.

Certificate in Healers Studies Online Program Start Dates

Program starts on every New Moon. Enrolments close the day before.

Dates for New Moon are NZ time and may vary for different parts of the world. See the Medicine Woman Moon Calendar for the exact date for the New Moon in your timezone and country.

25 January 2020
24 February 2020
24 March 2020
23 April 2020
23 May 2020
21 June 2020
21 July 2020
19 August 2020
17 September 2020
17 October 2020
15 November 2020
15 December 2020

Certificate in Healers Studies Online Program Details


Program Format   Online
Certification   Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies©
Duration   13 Lunar Months
Cost of Program   NZ$1,200 + Teacher Plant Essences
Teacher Plant Essences Required   The Healers Collection NZ$324 + P&P. You will be working with a different teacher plant essence each month. The essences can be purchased individually for NZ$27 + P&P each.
Time Investment   4 Hours per Week Minimum
Prerequisites   None
Highly Recommended   Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons©


Begin the Journey of the 21st Century Healer

"When I signed up for Healers Studies, I really had no idea what it was all about. It was like buying a season pass to the fairground without knowing what rides you have signed up for. It was my souls ticket to a fairground of discovery, recovery and reinvention."

Adrienne Bullock
Taupo, New Zealand

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