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Become the Magician of Your Own Life

'Create' your NEW life story with the power of alchemy

Access the extraordinary powers of nature and the cosmos to bring Love, Success, Empowerment, Freedom, Healing and much more into your life. Each Porta Alchémica® Story Box© contains powerful alchemical formulations made with pure New Zealand spring water, New Zealand flower essences, gem essences, alchemical dew of the planets and the light of the stars. With these powerful alchemical formulations and the magical art of story alchemy contained in each Porta Alchémica® Story Box© you have the power to rewrite your life script and create a story that speaks to your deep inner holistic self, your soul and spirit.

By working with story alchemy, which is a form of spiritual alchemy, you can dynamically change your life, the state of your own consciousness and your perceptions, and in so doing be able to create and manifest the life you desire.

Supercharge your transformation!

Whether you are a complete beginner or you enjoy learning about, or working with alchemy, magic and ritual, you will love the Porta Alchémica® Story Box©. The Porta Alchémica® Story Box© is the perfect way to begin working with the magical art of alchemy and ritual to supercharge your transformation and create profound, positive and lasting changes in your life.

With the Porta Alchémica® Story Box© it is very easy to start creating what you desire. Choose what you want to create from the information below and let the magic begin!

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