Porta Alchémica® Complete Elixirs and Anointing Oils Kit and Aura Mist

Five Box Set


A complete five-box set of Porta Alchémica® elixirs and anointing oils, each beautifully presented in gold foiled black gift boxes. Includes one Aura Mist.

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Made in New Zealand

Alchemical set


12 x 10ml Porta Alchémica® Planetary Elixirs
12 x 10ml Porta Alchémica® Zodiacal Elixirs
12 x 10ml Porta Alchémica® Mansions of Life Elixirs
12 x 5ml Porta Alchémica® Planetary Anointing Oils
12 x 5ml Porta Alchémica® Zodiacal Anointing Oils
1 x 10ml Porta Alchémica® Aura Mist

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