Taking Charge of Your Destiny

Last year I published an article where I answered a very popular question Fate vs Destiny – What Is The Difference?
In this article I explained how fate is being subject to events that seem to be beyond or outside of our control. Many people feel a victim of fate because they feel they do not have control over what happens to them. 
In the First Light® Medicine Wheel©, which represents the four evolutionary stages of the development of the human, the first quadrant has a natural correlation to Homo sapiens, the original or natural human. 

This quadrant signifies a world that is experienced through identification with the personality self, where we view the world through the eyes of the personality self. Consequently this is an ever-changing world and our relationship with life at this level is largely influenced by our ever-shifting emotional and mental states.

It is the world characterised by our ever-changing human organism, feelings, emotions, thoughts and opinions. It is at this stage we can be easily thrown off kilter and feel at the mercy of the circumstances of our life. Life can feel unpredictable, uncertain, disempowering and even frightening, until we learn to acquire the necessary self-knowledge and inner ability to become more connected and aligned to our true self.

By traveling around the First Light® Medicine Wheel© we incrementally acquire awareness and knowledge of the divine that is within us. To achieve this, we have to travel the great evolutionary journey to the centre of the First Light® Medicine Wheel© which is a journey to the source of all.



At the centre of the wheel, we come to know and directly experience our divine self where we view the world through the magic of the light that ‘lighted all’ and through the eyes of the divine self.

In the centre we seek to align ourselves with ‘white brilliance’ in order to excite and anchor divine light into our holistic being. We then have the potential to be the embodiment and expression of the divinity within. In so doing this enables us to work magically as the alchemist magician who is an active participant in the co-creation of a better world.

By sequentially traversing the quadrants of the First Light® Medicine Wheel© to arrive at the centre of the wheel, we are taking charge of our destiny. We work to align our human mind and desires with the higher mind and desires and by doing so we begin, step by step to live in accordance with our destiny.



All Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies© programs have a natural correlation to the different quadrants of the First Light® Medicine Wheel, enabling you to actively and consciously move through the stages and hasten your evolutionary development.

As you do so you move away from being a victim of fate to become a master of your destiny.

In this email, I will mention a couple of programs that represent some critical stages on the journey through the First Light® Medicine Wheel©. When successfully mastered and passed through, they enable a person to begin to have a sense of taking charge of their life and their destiny as well as starting to become an active agent in creating a better world.



The Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© and Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© online programs correspond to the second quadrant of the First Light® Medicine Wheel©. The second quadrant is the world of soul and the Homo spiritualis, the spiritually aware and active human.

This is a world where we need to know why we are here and if we are on the right track. We seek to find our purpose and we want someone to share it with. The emphasis has now moved from ourselves and our own pain (first quadrant) to helping others and being aware of other souls and their pain.

It is in the second quadrant where we encounter the forces that seek to steal from the soul’s experience of evolution and growth or try to damage or destroy the human soul. This is the all important stage of the evolutionary journey where there is an inner battle for the control and integrity of the human soul.

In progressing through the associated rites of passage of the healer and shaman, the soul is navigating its way through what can be likened to a metaphysical jungle.

The objective is for the soul to emerge transformed as the healer-shaman with the associated skills, abilities, knowledge and wisdom from the challenges and experiences it encounters. The focus of the second quadrant is on building and enhancing our own soul attributes, skills and abilities.



Transformation and transmutation at a soul level is the mode and we are learning to identify with ourselves as a soul, with others as individual souls and with the complex dynamics inherent within our soul family or soul groups. It is here we are actively working as part of our soul family and together with our spiritual allies to make a difference in the world.

The next intake for the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© and Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© begins on New Moon 1st May 2022.

No matter where you have been and what you have done up to date on your spiritual journey, if you feel that the second quadrant has more to teach you, then I look forward to see you in one of our classrooms.


Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®


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