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No 128 Horned Orchid

Fairy of the Infinite

No 128 Horned Orchid Fairy of the Infinite

Linking into the power of the infinite; anchors in spiritual light from the Godhead.

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Energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the crown chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness; energetically prepares, tones, upgrades and aligns the crown chakra with the higher energetic frequencies coming into the planet at this time.

The 8th rite of passage and the spiritual skill, discipline and art of the master shaman to be able to:

  • Energetically dissolve the crown chakra seal
  • Awaken stellar light in the 8th energy centre
  • Uphold the link with Fairy People of the Infinite
  • Create magical connections with Infinity – the place of cosmic limitlessness and original awareness