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Orchids No's 121-128

Orchid Teacher Plant Essences

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Orchid Essences No's 121-128

The Ancient Fairy People of New Zealand - Keeper of the Fairy Realm

The master teacher plant essences in the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Orchid Collection is a specialist range of essences made from eight New Zealand native orchids. These ancient plants grow deep within the sacred gardens, forests and groves of New Zealand, the home of the ancient fairy people of New Zealand.

Elixirs of Spiritual Light

These master teacher plant orchid essences are elixirs of spiritual light that hold the divine eightfold-energies of transpersonal stellar consciousness. They are a natural and vital vibrational support for the new wave of highly sensitive children and souls often known as indigo, crystal or star children who are now appearing on the planet in ever greater numbers.

They are spiritual food for the children of the Sun, the Medicine Woman Rainbow Warriors of Peace©, the water bearers of the world and offer support for all those who have come in to work at a higher level and to help dream a new world into being.

Access to Higher Energetic Frequencies

These eight master teacher plant orchid essences attune the individual chakras to help facilitate safe access to the new energetic frequencies coming into the planet at this time. They work to increase the presence of spirit in the life by re-vivifying the individual chakras to their full stellar function. They hold the sacred vibrations of the transpersonally enlightened consciousness and direct and control the kundalini, the sacred serpent power to provide a safe accessible spiritual pathway to transpersonal enlightenment.

These eight master teacher plant orchid essences gently dissolve the inner seals of the chakras to enable higher frequency energies in the form of stellar light to flow into the holistic being so the individual can move to higher expanded levels of awareness.

Powerful Healing and Uplifting Energies

These master teacher plant orchid essences form a central component of the Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© and Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© online programs available to people around the world.

Through the power of these divine orchid essences, the powerful master teacher plants of New Zealand, we can re-remember our universal origins and consciously engage with powerful healing and uplifting energies.

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