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Shamanic No's 97-120

Shamanic Teacher Plant Essences

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Shamanic Essences No's 97-120

Treat the Cause - Heal the Spirit

The powerful family of shamanic teacher plant essences is the modern-day ally for the 21st century healer-shaman. These teacher plants are of a particular high order and potency and are an invaluable tool for the healer-shaman.

The Age-old Green Language of Nature

These teacher plants help us by sharing their great wisdom and make available for the first time in the modern age the 24 sacred rites of passage of the shaman to all who walk this path of spiritual maturation and magical power. They invite us to enter into sacred relationship with plant intelligence and re-remember the age-old green language of nature.

Restoring Harmony

These shamanic teacher plant essences are ideal for all those in the healing and helping professions who wish to move deeper, beyond the surface and take healing and recovery to a whole new level. They are a central component of the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© online program available to people from around the world and are invaluable for those on the shamanic path wishing to support and bring greater understanding to their own experiences. These shamanic teacher plant essences enable you to emerge more powerful and capable of assisting others to restore harmony in their own lives.

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  1. The Shamanic Collection - Two Box Set
  2. No 97 Parataniwha
  3. No 98 Native Daphne
  4. No 99 Pale Flowered Kumerahou
  5. No 100 Mahoe
  6. No 101 Horopito
  7. No 102 Tree Daisy
  8. No 103 Native Angelica
  9. No 104 Red Matipo
  10. No 105 Tawa
  11. No 106 Kawaka
  12. No 107 Tree Nettle
  13. No 108 Tarata
  14. No 109 Marsh Ribbonwood
  15. No 110 Pukatea
  16. No 111 Giant Flowered Broom
  17. No 112 Broken Heart Tree
  18. No 113 Titoki
  19. No 114 Taraire
  20. No 115 Bridal Tree
  21. No 116 Alpine Baby Fern
  22. No 117 Clutha River Daisy
  23. No 118 Silver Pine
  24. No 119 Hutu
  25. No 120 Golden Speargrass
  26. The Shamanic Collection - Box One
  27. The Shamanic Collection - Box Two
Grid List

27 Items

Set Descending Direction

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