The Ancient Shamanic Secret to Spiritual Progress: Reversing the Wheel


Wise men and women have always known the secret to making spiritual progress lies in their ability to resist and move beyond the magnetic attractions of mass consciousness. ‘Mass consciousness’ can be defined as being the ‘herd mind’, a state of consciousness that allows a person to be easily manipulated by the invasive, negative or destructive influence of the collective and from dark forces that operate in opposition to the forces of light.


To make spiritual progress it is our task to free ourselves from our chains of ignorance, which is to free ourselves from the influence of the collective or mass consciousness. To do this is the process or journey of ‘individuation’, which has been the objective of all spiritual teachings and shamanic practices from the most ancient of times. In esoteric terms, this journey or process is referred to as ‘reversing the wheel’.

In order to ‘reverse the wheel’, a person must totally reverse their ways of cognising, thinking and experiencing. In so doing they are able to experience a reversal of the perception as to the meaning of life.

Achieving spiritual progress has historically been understood to be a protracted and difficult process that requires great levels of discipline and a sustained application of will. It has always been undertaken under the guidance of wise elders, spiritual teachers and through established spiritual practices and pathways.


What is not well understood is that each of us faces a real challenge to making spiritual progress in each lifetime. In modern times, achieving any level of meaningful spiritual progress has become increasingly complex and challenging.

Today, spiritually minded people are confronting an unprecedented difficult reality of seeking spiritual progress while faced with increasing materialism and powerful devolutionary forces.  Influences that work to convince the masses that their lives have no true value, meaning or purpose. We are surrounded by propaganda that denegrates individuation and promotes mediocrity. The objective being to encourage the desire nature to remain focused on separatist, fragmented and distorted ‘low energy’ perceptions and pursuits to hinder our higher aspirations and spiritual progress.

In this climate, for a spiritually aspiring person, the challenge is to separate the real from the unreal has never been greater or more demanding.


What is becoming increasingly clear to those who are observant, is that the age-old practice of looking first to nature for wisdom and guidance is gone. This very ancient shamanic principle of honouring the wisdom of nature and seeking the answers to all questions by connecting to the natural world has been largely lost in the technological age. Connecting with nature, working with the natural world and learning from nature is the most ancient, reliable and proven means to achieving spiritual progress.

Practiced by ancient shamans for thousands of years, working with nature is a reliable and proven means to liberate the true spiritual nature of yourself and to align with your unique spiritual path and ultimate destiny. It is a process of working in relationship with the intelligence of nature that operates outside of any belief system or dogma and which exerts no personal agendas or ulterior motives. As such it is a totally universal and inclusive approach.

The wisdom of nature provides the true, unadulterated pathway to individuation. Each person who awakens from the ‘sleep of ages’, the mindlessness of the herd mind, by walking the pathway to enlightenment that is defined by ‘Mother Nature’, does a great service to their own soul and spirit and to all of humanity and the planet.

This ancient shamanic pathway to enlightenment can be accessed and successfully walked on the 2-year Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies© online program. Here you will set your feet firmly on a pathway that leads you home to yourself and to a new life free of the confusions, distractions and limitations of mass consciousness.

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I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension,

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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