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The Fern Ally Collection

The Fern Ally Collection
Presented in a beautiful box set, this is the full Fern Ally Collection - Alchemical Elixirs of Spiritual Transmutation - kaitiaki, sacred guardian and protectors. They are elixirs of spiritual light that hold the divine eightfold-energies of cosmic consciousness at the aura level.

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Each of the eight fern ally essences in the Fern Ally collection are made from individual native fern allies of Aotearoa – The Land Of The Ever Shining Light.    

The fern ally essences anchor stellar light into the respective layers of the aura or energy field to build and create the personal power shield as an aspect of one’s holistic wellbeing and interconnectedness with everything that exists.

These very ancient magical plants grow on the coastlines, in the forests and upon the sacred mountains of Aotearoa. They are the magical talismans from nature that link us into the world of kaitiaki – sacred guardians and protectors. They enable us to restore our sacred magical relationships with our guardians and with nature in the Age of Cherishing Waters – Te wa o nga wai ahuruhuru, an age when humanity will remember how to work in harmony with everything that exists.

The Maori word kaitiaki means among other things, guardian or protector. Tohuna Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere says that the word “kaitiaki also means that the mother and child energies in us come out from the heart to care for everything – that’s kaitiakitanga

Kaitiakitanga has several facets including caring for all living things including 
caring for our brothers the rocks, caring for and providing for all living things because they are our kin.  We are protected by our guardians and we in turn watch over and protect and care for them. We are never alone because we have taken care of our kin as best we can and our kin will come in for us.”

Fern Allies Collection No's 129-136