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The Sacred Mountain Grass Collection

The Sacred Mountain Grass Collection
Presented in a beautiful box set, this is the full Sacred Mountain Grass Collection - Alchemical Elixirs of Spiritual Transcendence - Blessings on the Wind.
8 x 10ml Stock Bottles

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Each of the eight sacred mountain grass essences in the Sacred Mountain Grass Collection are made from individual native sacred mountain grasses of Aotearoa – The Land Of The Ever Shining Light.

All of the grasses in the Sacred Mountain Grass Collection are associated with sacred mountains. These essences are also called alchemical elixirs of spiritual transcendence. The word transcendence means to climb, go beyond, move up or rise beyond the limitations of the physical world.

The Sacred Mountain Grass essences are an invitation for stellar light to come into the DNA and energetically upgrade it. The essences anchor stellar light into the respective layers of DNA.

The primary focus of the sacred mountain grass essences is the metaphysical re-weaving and upgrading of the strand of DNA enabling the transference and transmission of stellar light at a DNA level so that one’s every breath becomes a prayer that is sent out to the greater universe.

Sacred Mountain Grass Collection No's 137-144