What Is A Spiritual Inheritance? How Can I Change It?


A spiritual inheritance is a term for what a person inherits primarily at a metaphysical level as opposed to a conventional inheritance, which is physical property, wealth or possessions, that are passed onto a person usually from a relative at death. A person’s spiritual inheritance is derived from two sources.


One stream of spiritual inheritance comes from what a person inherits from their ancestors or family life through the birth parents. The other stream of spiritual inheritance comes from the person’s past lives. For example, karma is a spiritual inheritance. It is something that comes from a person’s past actions in previous lives and from the actions of a person’s ancestors.

The influence of spiritual inheritance can be very potent and can exert a powerful influence in a person’s life for good or ill. This being so because the influence can be present in the person at not only subtle levels associated with the aura and chakras but a physical level in the form of epigenetic codes in DNA. It also influences the condition of the body mind, or cellular consciousness.


Historically, purification rites, ceremonies or processes were undertaken to clear and purify the holistic organism from the negative influences of spiritual inheritance so that spiritual progress could begin or continue.

These purification rites were also known as ‘lustral’ rites. What this refers to is the use of high frequency light to purify and clear all levels of the holistic organism. Undertaking lustral rites is an ancient process designed to cleanse, purify and upgrade consciousness to be able to receive, hold and project higher levels of light.

In the 21st century, the same kind of energetic self-purification process can be done using high frequency stellar light. This process is facilitated by specialised families of New Zealand native teacher plants. When taken using ancient protocols, these teacher plants quite literally ‘flood’ a person’s consciousness with high frequency light which then facilitates the process of rapid spiritual upgrade and energetic purification. This profoundly enhances a person’s capacity for self-realisation and enables them to reconnect and realign with their spiritual destiny.

The 28-week Medicine Woman Rite of the Six Moons© online program provides access to the ancient lustral rites. This is an intensive energetic upgrade program that is the original ancient lustral self-purification and self-transformation process. This program is available globally to all those who wish to accelerate their spiritual progress and it is the most sophisticated energetic cleansing and purification process of its kind.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Light in Extension


Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber
Founder and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

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