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The wisdom of the original ancient
mystery teachings of the Goddess

Experience the ancient sacred rites of
passage that create rapid spiritual growth
and bring global transformation

The most ancient mystery school
on the planet

Develop the genuine soul qualities and skills
of the lightworker, healer, shaman, master shaman
and the Eighth Ray magician

The ancient high road to oneness
self-mastery and enlightenment

The sacred teachings on the powers of
nature, vibration, ritual and magic

Ally with powerful
forces from nature

Journey into the shamanic realms and
develop genuine shamanic capabilities

The home of Eighth Ray Magic
the magic of the Goddess

Transform yourself, your life and change
the fabric of the universe

Sacred Jewellery for personal
empowerment and ritual magic

"I feel the powerful protective energy when
wearing this amulet." - Chris Griffiths

"The ancient mysteries were originally given to humanity by
the hierarchy and contain the entire clue to the evolutionary process,
hidden in numbers, in ritual, in words and in symbology."

- Alice Bailey

The Mystery School of the Goddess

The Ancient Teachings of the House of the Bee

I welcome you to the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® - The Mystery School of the Goddess. The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® is a true mystery school and is the sole custodian of the lineage teachings of the House of the Bee, the most ancient mystery school on the planet. These are the original high teachings of the Black Goddess, the creation Goddess, the source of all. These are the sacred teachings on the powers of nature, vibration, ritual and magic. To embark on the magical journey with the Goddess is to step onto a pathway that will take you home, home to yourself, home to the deepest most powerful aspect of yourself. I invite you to join our global community of people who are playing an active, intelligent and purposeful role in bringing healing and restoration to the planet Earth and its people.

Covid-19 A Spiritual Perspective - The Bigger Picture

If we ever needed proof that we are all in this together we now have it. Everything is interconnected and there are wheels within wheels. These wheels within wheels are both physical and metaphysical in nature.

Watch this video where I share some insights into the spiritual meaning of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and focus on the bigger picture. I hope you will enjoy watching this video and that it gives you valuable insights, illumination, and inspiration.

In L.V.X.
Light in Extension
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Let's Celebrate - End of Year Event 2020

Friends of First Light® and Medicine Woman. You are warmly invited to join Franchelle and Tony for an afternoon of connection and celebration at the Friends of First Light® and Medicine Woman End of Year Event 2020.

As 2020 draws to a close, this is an opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary year that it’s been and for you to meet and connect with friends of First light Flower Essence of New Zealand® and the Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®.

We would love to have you there!

  • •  Learn about The Esoteric Significance of Year 2021 – a special presentation from co-founders and directors of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®, Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Anthony Wyber.
  • •  Receive a mystery gift package created by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber for every guest that attends, valued at over $48
  • •  Enter a prize draw to WIN $595 worth of magical gifts
  • •  Make the most of the event-only shop specials

Spaces are limited and bookings essential.

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  • NEW! Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates©

    An Alchemical Journey Through the Emerald Tablet to Return to the Goddess

    The Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© program is the definitive teachings for working ritually in an eighth ray manner with the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus. It is the means for you to effect powerful changes in your life and to facilitate self-actualisation.

    15 months

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    Discover Eighth Ray Magic - The Magic of the Goddess The Magic of Co-Creation and The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa.

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    Visit the Medicine Woman blog to learn more about the journey of the modern-day lightworker, healer, shaman and Eighth Ray magician.

The Ancient High Road to Oneness,
Self Mastery and Enlightenment

Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® is the sole custodian of the Eighth Ray teachings. The Eighth Ray is the ray of the Goddess as creatrix or the Black Goddess. Black being the colour that is symbolically associated with night, that which is hidden, secret, occult and which is connected to the heart of the cosmos and the mystery of creation. The Eighth Ray is the ray of ritual, magic and regenesis.

In the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® online programs the three ancient Hermetic sciences of alchemy, astrology and magic have been reintegrated into the cohesive occult science they originally were, and for the first time made universally available to all those who wish to walk the ancient high road to oneness, self mastery and enlightenment.

“The Black Goddess is so far hardly more than a word of hope whispered among those who have served their apprenticeship with the White Goddess... the Black Goddess has experienced good and evil, love and hate, truth and falsehood... she will lead men back to that sure instinct of love which he long ago forfeited by intellectual pride.”
- Robert Graves

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Founder, Principal and Spiritual Director of Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®

My name is Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. I am a spiritual teacher, healer, master alchemist, the keeper of the sacred ceremonies, an award-winning vibrational medicine expert and ritual master shamaness. For almost 50 years I have formally studied astrology, esoteric astrology, vibrational medicine, the occult, alchemy, magic and ritual in its various forms. As the custodian of the ancient mystery teachings of The House of the Bee, I am an initiated Eighth Ray Master and the mother of Eighth Ray Ritual Magic®.

My life has been and continues to be an absolutely extraordinary one – a life that has been totally dedicated to spirit for as long as I remember. This is a life journey into the great mystery of light revealing the limitlessness of the human spirit. It is a journey that each and every person on the planet can walk.

About Franchelle

Why Study With Us?

  • Access exclusive ancient teachings
    Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® is the sole custodian of the House of the Bee teachings, the original high mystery teachings of the Goddess, that are the ageless path of return back to oneness, self mastery and enlightenment. These teachings are exclusively available through the Medicine Woman online programs.

  • Join thousands of students
    Thousands of Medicine Woman students from around the world have walked the sacred path with the ancient rites of passage and initiations to develop genuine soul qualities, skills and abilities of the lightworker, healer, shaman, master shaman and the Eighth Ray magician.

  • Experience rapid spiritual growth
    Medicine Woman journey is a journey of a lifetime where you will ally with the intelligence of nature and the unconquerable magic of light to experience profound transformation and rapid spiritual growth that is impossible through any other practice.

  • Discover the secrets of the universe
    Medicine Woman reveals the hidden secrets of how the universe was made, how it functions, the true nature and destiny of humanity and how to realise your ultimate potential.

  • Become part of a global community
    Medicine Woman is a global community of people who are playing an active, intelligent and purposeful role in bringing healing and restoration to the planet Earth and its people.


The Legendary Green Way
of the Goddess Accessible to All

It has long been prophesied that people from many cultures and backgrounds will come together and work with nature to restore, truth, order and harmony to the world. They will achieve this through working with the legendary and very ancient ‘green way’. This is the great magical high road of nature that works with the power and intelligence of nature to bring about the transformation of the Earth and its people. It is the way of the Goddess and the God, to walk the green way is to walk cooperatively with the Goddess and God within.

The House of the Bee lineage is the custodian of the original ancient esoteric teachings on ‘walking the green way'. These teachings have been made available exclusively in the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® online program to all who wish to walk this ancient sacred path.

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Ally with the Intelligence of Nature and the Unconquerable Magic of Light

On the sacred path of the lightworker, healer, shaman and master shaman, you will be closely working with the highly esteemed ancient New Zealand native teacher plants. They have stepped forward as your wise elders, teachers and initiators to help you open the door to deeper levels of self-healing, wisdom, power and rapid spiritual growth.

On the magical path of the Eighth Ray ritual magician, you will be working with alchemy, magic and ritual to ally with the power of the cosmos and 'purpose good' in your life, in the world and in the greater universe.

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Faster progress with Medicine Woman

Invaluable and Without Equal

"Can't recommend this training highly enough. This training has taught me the role and power of the Healer, the Shaman and the magical potential we all have within. The depth of learning and integration I have not experienced elsewhere this lifetime. Invaluable and without equal."

Debbie Gillespie
Bodymind Balance Ltd

Rapid Spiritual Progress

"I have made more progress through this Medicine Woman apprenticeship than in the last 25 years of my life studying in other mystery schools. I have learnt the importance of self-observation, nature and I have a deeper understanding of the disciplines required for me to fulfil my destiny in this lifetime."

Steven Lydford
Teacher, New Zealand

Powerful Transformation

"I had little idea of just how much this journey would change my life...for the better! I was never alone on the journey, and had the constant support of the teacher plant spirits. I am eternally grateful to Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber for giving us these apprenticeship progammes in a very workable, structured format."

Lana Raill
Naturopath, New Zealand

Maximise Your Evolution
with the Power of the Moon


Throughout the ages, people knew that the Moon had a powerful influence on human lives and behaviour. They worked with the power of the Moon to magically accelerate the process of healing, transformation, self-empowerment and spiritual growth.

As a Medicine Woman student you will learn the Moon lore and become skilled at riding the Moon's tides of power for maximum spiritual progress and evolution.

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Join a thriving Medicine Woman community where people from all corners of the planet play an active, intelligent and purposeful role in restoring order, harmony and balance on Earth.

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