A greater sense of empowerment 

“When I set foot on the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies©apprenticeship program, I had little idea of just how much this journey would change my life… for the better! Working under the wise tutelage of the venerable shamanic teacher plants and through the well-structured program provided by the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies® was a very powerful process of growth and transformation. 

The person I was when I began the apprenticeship program is no longer the person I am today. These days, I feel a greater sense of empowerment and awareness on many levels, through the experiences I have had working with the powerful New Zealand native teacher plant essences. 

Throughout the Medicine Woman shamanic apprenticeship, I felt I was given many opportunities to expand my consciousness in order to be of service to spirit. The journey was not without its challenges, and I see this as being a vitally important part of the process to break me out of limiting definitions of who and what I thought I was. I was never alone on the journey and had the constant support of the teacher plant spirits, and my fellow apprentices through the Medicine Woman online school. 

I am eternally grateful to Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber for giving us the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies©apprenticeship program in a very workable, structured format. I am also incredibly grateful to the sacred shamanic teacher plants of New Zealand that have stepped forward to share their wisdom and teachings with those of us who choose to walk this ancient path of the shaman in the 21st Century.”

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