My energy is strong

“Undertaking the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program allowed me to create space for my Healer self in my everyday life and I began to embody the Healer that I am and had spent years studying to be.

Through this program I was able to connect with the gnosis that what I had to offer was helpful and useful and of value. It also enabled me to connect with the fact that I’d always been a Healer, that it is part of who I am and it just took a while for my personality to catch up with that reality.  

I had a habit of undermining my wisdom and knowing by saying ‘but, I don’t know’ after I’d just shared profound insights and enlightened wisdom to my clients. Through doing this program, I have stopped doing that so much.

I was able to slow down in my daily life, slow down to the pulse of the Earth and realised that when I did this I got more done. I was able to be more present and aware of the nature around me, even if it was just a pot plant!

I already had my qualifications as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, but had yet to fully step into the role of Healer with the Spiritual gifts and protections that this program uncovered for me.

Before doing this program, my boundaries were not as strong as they needed to be, and my desire to help clouded the way I could be useful to my clients. An example of this was when I had a client who was an insomniac with a complicated case history. I woke up during the night and couldn’t stop thinking about her and was churning over issues in my head all night. I saw her the next day when she came to pick up something and told me she’d had the best night’s sleep she’d ever remembered having! That was a real lesson for me with the healer’s teacher plant First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® No 87 Maire Tawake – Autonomy, that I worked with as part of my Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Program©.

Prior to that, I had researched how to protect my space and stop that happening but hadn’t been able to actually stop it from happening until I met the healers teachers plants and was taken through the rites of passage that gave me the skills to be able to do this effectively and consciously.

During this program I became a lot more mindful of being a conduit and not so invested in my clients progress. I always wanted to do my best, but it is not helpful to feel invested in another’s healing. Learning how to be continually responsive, objective, neutral and empathic has been invaluable in my practice and to my clients.

I am now able to be 110% with my clients in our consultation and very clear when I have finished my work with them. My time limits are now firmer and my energy strong.”

Stephanie Young
Tarot Reader, Medical Herbalist and Astrologer, New Zealand
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