New client and an increase in finances

“I had been looking for a way to honour, nurture and deepen the spiritual aspect of my life. On the night when I was making a decision to join the Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© program, I was lying in bed feeling emotionally upset about something that happened that day. I tried various techniques to shift that feeling unsuccessfully. For some reason my thoughts then went to thinking about the studies with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, and as soon as I thought of that – “a blanket of calm” descended on me, emotions dissipated, and I fell asleep. I registered for the program the next day. Before doing this program I was not committing to myself and my path in this life, i.e. spiritual practice, interests, education, being with myself. With this program I gained and have been sustaining a focus on my path. I am more aligned, collected, focused, and easier balanced within my own energy, i.e. can let go of other’s energies easier. In my life path I am now more focused and purposeful. The last two months of the program brought a few new clients and an increase in finances. Also, I’d like to comment on the impeccable attention to detail – the structure and the beauty at every level are exquisite, and I appreciated this so very much. From my heart much gratitude and admiration to Franchelle, the support team and the tradition.”

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