Divination Mister

Strengthens Psychic Links and Capacities


Aura and Space Transformation

Magically transform your aura and space to enhance your psychic abilities. Cleanse, align and charge your aura to strengthen your connection to the highest spiritual forces and secret tides of psychic power for divination and readings for yourself and others.

The Divination Mister neutralises, energises, protects and prepares the sacred space for divination and readings. It can be used to cleanse and prepare rune stones, crystal balls, oracle cards and other divinatory tools.

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Made in New Zealand

50ml external spray

Aura & Space Transformation

The ancient people understood that spaces and environments could become polluted with negative and disharmonious energies. They worked with the magic of nature to dispel negativity and to create purified, harmonious, clear and pristine environments. The ancient people also worked with the magical power of nature to create sacred space to achieve the highest possible outcome.

The Medicine Woman Magic Misters© have been created in the ancient tradition and contain a powerful blend of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® plant essences that will quickly and easily transform your environment. The magical prayers used in its making have been used for 1000’s of years to empower, clear spaces and to empower the experience of divination. They can safely link you into powerful spiritual energies that will enhance any environment

The ancient people worked with the magical power of nature to create sacred space and to strengthen their links to the highest spiritual forces for the purpose of divination. The Divination Mister has been designed in the ancient tradition to help you transform your space and increase your psychic capacity, clarity and insight.

Hold mister about 30cm from your body and lightly spray 6–8 puffs around head and shoulder area or chosen space.

When to use:

Use the Divination Mister whenever you wish to create a sacred space and link in to the highest spiritual energies to enhance your psychic readings.

Where to use:

The mister can be used in any place where a divination reading or activity is taking place such as home, work or healing centers.

Nature’s magical ingredients include pure Rose Floral Water and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

  • No 64 Koromiko
  • No 110 Pukatea
  • No 177 Looking Glass Plant
  • No 165 Juniper Mist Moss
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