Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© (Repeating)


Begins on the New Moon: new moon date

2-year comprehensive dynamic formal shamanic apprenticeship with 24 original ancient rites of passage and self-initiations of the shaman to enable you to become a living embodiment of true shamanic power and help restore order and harmony in the world.

Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© can be undertaken multiple times. The learning and growth that you have experienced so far can be exponentially enhanced. When you repeat this program new and higher levels of consciousness can be reached.

This special offer is available only for students who have previously enrolled in the Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© program and paid for the program in full either by one payment or over multiple payments. The price indicated below does not include the required products. The products for this program can be purchased from the product section of our website.

Made in New Zealand

Online program

What You Will Be Learning

You will be undertaking the 24 ancient rites of passage of the shaman to develop the 24 soul qualities and disciplines of the shaman to be able to:

  1. Create connection with the spirit, the inner shaman, connect with your spirit guides and walk as a spirit among other spirits.
  2. Accurately divine information from nature, be guided daily by the signs in life and not be sidetracked by own wants, likes or dislikes.
  3. Know where you should and should not go, establish contact and communicate with devic and elemental forces: taniwha, patupaiarehe, nature spirits, land, house and spirits of places.
  4. Enter the shamanic state, altered states, activate and develop the light bodies and journey outside time and space.
  5. Journey to the underworld to access the past, ancestor and power animals, retrieve information or power from the past and move beyond entrenched patterns or behaviours.
  6. Journey to the middle world to access the present, access the magical vision of daily life and work with spirit helpers to resolve everyday concerns.
  7. Journey to the upper world to access the future, connect with archangels and guardians of our galaxy and gain wisdom from future to make progress.
  8. Call back lost, fragmented, scattered parts of the soul, draw back memories from all dimensions and become truly whole and present.
  9. Self-integrate and reconfigure to make room for the ever-evolving self, create a new reality matrix and operate at a new upgraded energetic level.
  10. Access the Akashic Records and knowledge from any lifetime, move beyond fate to rewrite the script and live holographically.
  11. Break through self-imposed realities, fearlessly deconstruct yourself to emerge renewed and grow in power through facing own fears and pain.
  12. Cleanse, heal and close psychic wounds, see yourself as a hero of your life story and emerge victorious from every situation.
  13. Be in divine ego, develop higher levels of clairsentience and deepen your sacred commitment to spirit.
  14. Go on the vision quest and into the dreamtime, shape shift and facilitate the expelling of elemental entities associated with alcohol, drugs and medication.
  15. Connect to the ‘wise one’ within, shed the energetic debris of the past and reclaim or find your power place.
  16. Remain love-full and in divine heart at all times, reclaim the lost parts of heart and keep your heart intact in heart-rending situations.
  17. Stay connected to divine will at all times, retrieve own power or will and keep the will intact in challenging situations.
  18. Stay connected to divine mind at all times, access the higher mind for information or inspiration and keep the mind intact in mentally challenging situations.
  19. Develop the inner alchemical marriage, send out a ‘call’ for a spiritual partner and unite with the next appropriate life situation or phase.
  20. Know where you need to be and when, be open, willing and ready to receive spirit’s plan and follow your spirit to the next destination.
  21. Know where you’ve been and where you are going, help stuck spirits to go home and clear ancestral lines.
  22. Environmental shamanism – transform energy in places and spaces, clear old stuck energy and co-create with the divine to maintain the oneness.
  23. Join the council fire to access the knowledge tree, call on higher forces for divine justice and restore divine order.
  24. Stand for the sacred, work with kundalini energy and the powers of light.
Included in Your Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© Program
  • Ancient Proven Pathway: You will be undertaking the 24 rites of passage and initiations of the shaman. You will be developing and enhancing the 24 skills, soul qualities and disciplines of the shaman to enable you to exponentially increase your capacity to walk the high road of the shaman.
  • Monthly Sacred Teachings: You will have access to monthly sacred teachings and step-by-step instructions for undertaking your own specialised ceremonies and shamanic journeys that deepen your wisdom and capacity.
  • Videos: You will have access to videos that will expand on the themes you are working with and enhance your knowledge.
  • Ritual and Creation of Magical Objects: You will be working with an altar and creating a shaman’s medicine necklace and using specific meditative practices to complement the metaphysical work of your program.
  • Community Support: You will have access to community support and specialised classrooms in the Medicine Woman online school where you can learn from others and share your experiences.
  • The Healing Hive: The Healing Hive is a community space where you can request healing for yourself or others.
  • Rare Film Footage: You will have access to the Medicine Woman online school library that houses recordings of workshops and talks with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.
  • Q&A: Questions Answered by Franchelle: You will be able to submit questions directly to Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and to access an extensive archive of Q&A’s on a range of esoteric and spiritual topics from students.
  • 24/7 Online School Access from Anywhere in the World: You will be able to access the state-of-the-art Medicine Woman online school with ancient mystery teachings, community and more at any time from any of your devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Student Care and Support: You can email our study department or access support in the Medicine Woman online school whenever you need help, so you know you are always supported.
  • Certificate: Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies© will be sent to you on completion and submission of the exercises to meet certificate course criteria at the end of your program.

What You Will Need

  • First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Shamanic Collection©
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