Spiritually I feel a new depth of support 

“I felt drawn to do the Medicine Woman Ritual of the Twelve Gates© program as I am interested in the ritual and alchemical work. It felt very much like the right thing for me to be doing this program. 

Although I had sporadically done rituals in the past, I felt it was important to do the ritual work in a structured way, with definitive outcomes and goals. 

During the program one of the challenges initially was around having a dedicated space to work in uninterrupted, which was resolved by setting strong boundaries with my family. 

As a result of undertaking this program I am feeling more committed to my spiritual pathway. I feel a connection and understanding of the planets, the zodiacal signs and the mansions of life. 

Spiritually I feel a new depth of support and understanding. Physically I dealt with a longstanding issue that needed to be resolved. My relationship with my partner feels more harmonious.” 

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