23-25 March 2018 – Voices of Sacred Earth Festival, Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber Presenting Two Workshops

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is a speaker and presenter at the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2018, an Eco-Festival, which gathers hundreds of people together for a weekend of seminars, transformational workshops and performances focusing on indigenous cultures, Earth wisdom, sacred ceremony, well-being and social change. Come and see us at our stall – there will be event only specials that you won’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing you there!

Session 1: Ritual and Ceremony

DATE: Saturday 24th March 2018
TIME: 1:00pm
TOPIC:  Ritual and Ceremony – The Language of Soul

The power of ritual and ceremony is perhaps one of the most underestimated and least understood esoteric sciences. Ritual and ceremony is a language and it is a language that speaks to the soul and spirit. Working with ritual and ceremony can awaken the ‘inner song.’ To be able to truly awaken to our inner song we have to live a life that is truly authentic.

To live a truly authentic life is to dance in sacred relationship with the cosmos, the celestial gods and goddesses. In this presentation you will learn how you can not only learn the steps of the dance but to participate fully in the cosmic dance as a warrior magician, a warrior of light who works with the unconquerable magic of light.

Session 2: Walking the Path of Authenticity

DATE: Sunday 25th March 2018
TIME: 3:00pm
TOPIC:  Walking the Path of Authenticity – The Path of the Magical Self

To successfully walk the path of authenticity, the path of soul requires working with the four powers of the sphinx. These legendary magical powers are the keys to discover the magic of the soul self which mediates between the worlds. To learn the art of how to apply the four powers of the sphinx is to be able to dance between heaven and earth.

Walking the path of authenticity and living the authentic life is to walk magically in the world and to live a truly magical life. In this presentation you will learn how to work with the four powers of the sphinx that are encapsulated in the magical admonition: to know, to dare, to will and be silent. These four powers when understood enable a person to change the fabric of the universe to purpose good as they are the four pillars of the eighth ray magician.

Tickets for Voices of Sacred Earth are available at http://voicesofsacredearth.co.nz through Eventbrite.

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